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    Montreal group of 4 looking for more for Iron Kingdoms (2012)

    Title basically says it all. We've never tried the game out and are very interested, but we need another player or two, and preferably a DM. Lemme know! We'd very likely play in NDG, as we all live nearby. Thanks!
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    Healing Word (and the abuse thereof)

    Yeah, you're right about being wrong the first time, but wrong the second. Your healing surge value basically DOES double if you have a leader. "Gain additional hitpoints" infers that you need to be gaining hitpoints.
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    Warlord: STR-primary, not so much...

    This is silly. A Warlord with high strength will 100% of the time be better than a warlord with low strength. 100%.
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    Surprise rounds and Hunter's Quarry

    Errr.. this is exactly the same as 3.5. One action per surprise round. Only exception was that you could Charge as a standard action instead of a full round one. Mostly, if you Quarry/Curse/draw your weapons/use a minor action any other way, that is your surprise round/
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    Borderlands Marshal

    Nope, more flexible than that - Warlord and Ranger. Which I love, I wish there were more like it in the book.
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    Borderlands Marshal

    Well, the fact both its attack powers are mostly based around putting a Quarry on the target, it may feel like wasted powers if you go Ranger (Warlord). But if you miss with your encounter, then you're wasting the best ability the class gives, in my opinion. Really, I can see it going either...
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    Borderlands Marshal

    And it really helps groups that aren't good at focusing. "Hitting my Quarry gives +1 attack guys! Gogogo!" I just don't know whether to start Warlord or Ranger.
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    Reach Weapons for a Warlord (Resourceful)

    In your opinions... what is Reach worth for a Warlord? I am completely undecided between two characters, an Eladrin (Soldier), or a Genasi. Either would be Resourceful, and the Genasi is better numerically (both are equally awesome in fluff, so that is irrelevant)... Except I don't know how...
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    Improved Dark Spiral Aura (Warlock)

    QFT. This is the only way to look at it, imho, especially since all the other Improved [Pact Boon]s are Heroic.
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    Multiple effects

    Two separate effects, imho. The fire damage wouldn't stack though. Good way to phrase the question though, I was coming up with a similar question but your example is more extreme.
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    Intelligent Blademaster Feat confused :)

    Almost everything that uses strength adds a tiny bit of damage to things that AREN'T your main target. Not good. Not good at all. If there are any that are good, correct me, but most can be EASILY ignored. Shielding Swordmages don't make very many basic attacks at all, so Intelligent...
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    D&D 4E Statting Out Things That Don't Belong (4e)

    Good responses! I plan on reading some H.P. Lovecraft, but we're level 3 right now and these baddies aren't until Epic... Once I have them statted out, I may post them all here :D They have some bad ARSE attacks, Thud Bugs, slimes, Amphistaffs, poison-spitting-eye replacements... Resistance to...
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    D&D 4E Statting Out Things That Don't Belong (4e)

    Okay, that title is a bit more melodramatic than I needed, but hey, whatever. So I'm DMing a 4e game. Lots of fun, took a while to get used to so many monsters in combat, et cetera. But since 4e doesn't have the same "build your own NPCs" that 3e did, I find myself homebrewing a few things...
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    Intelligent Blademaster Feat confused :)

    It's more for Assault Swordmages, in my opinion. Very, very good if your strength is 12-14 and your intelligence is 18-20, and you're making basic attacks to punish people for attacking your allies - if you were just using Strength you'd keep missing! And if you put no more points into...
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    Barbarian Playtest Experiences

    The point of Rage Strike is spending more than one Daily power in one encounter, without wasting virtually all the benefits. No other class has a class feature they can't use at level 1 because no other class can only use 1 daily per fight, as written.