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    Initiate of the Faith and Divinity Feats

    In terms of "bringing the fun" (which is what I consider my job to be as a GM), I would allow an Initiate of the Faith to take only the one Channel Divinity feat for their deity, to keep the fun moving. Also, I gave all Clerics the appropriate Channel Divinity feat in place of Turn Undead at...
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    Do You Need All 4 Roles in a Party?

    It is very effective to have all four roles present in a party, but it is not vital. Instead, a party needs to take account of what they have. If a party has no controller, for example, those that can should make sure that they take burst and blast powers to have some element of AOE. Likewise...
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    [Points of Light Setting] The Residuum Must Flow (updated 6/24)

    Very cool. Do you mind if I take this and work with it a bit? I am starting to GM a 4e game on Sunday and I would like to present this to them and see if they are interested. Again, a very impressive work.
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    So how does cause fear work

    Good points. I would prefer to see Cause Fear be a bit more powerful. If it did cause the creature to spend its next move action to fulfill the Cause Fear movement it would be an improvement. 'Save ends' seems a bit too much at first blush, however. If it would work to hedge the creature out...
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    So how does cause fear work

    Since it moves its speed plus your CHA modifier away from you, it has two options to move back up to you: 1. Move its speed. This means that the creature will not reach you that turn, giving you time to blast it or move away yourself. 2. Run to you. This only works if you don't have a CHA...
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    So how does cause fear work

    Forced movement does not count against a character's movement allowance, such as pushing or pulling. Cause Fear seems to work the same way. I would say that it is immediate movement, but does not count against the character's movement for their turn.
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    Chariots of Fire - The beach scene

    Using the KISS principle (which seems to work wonderfully in 4e), I would rule that the Slowed condition effectively changes the number next to the word Speed on the character sheet. If the character then runs, they move up to their speed (2) followed by the run movement (+2). This keeps the...
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    D&D 4E Running and 4E Demo this weekend, anyone have suggestions?

    Yes, yes... a thousand time, yes. The biggest epiphany I had as a GM was learning that saying "no" was not as much fun as saying "yes, but...". There are very few things I have had to say no to outright in the last couple years. Everything else got a "yes, but..." and I outlined what would need...
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    D&D 4E Running and 4E Demo this weekend, anyone have suggestions?

    A couple of things I have noticed from my demos: 1. Have fun. Seriously. When I am smiling and looking excited, the players respond and are generally more open to learning the rules in a "crash course" setting. 2. Have some props. I made power cards for all of the pregens and my players loved...
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    D&D 4E I think I know what my first Pre-Gen/NPC group will be for 4e...

    That is what Mage Hand is for! Helps with the "heavy lifting". ;)
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    The Hunt

    Skamos gives the man a careful, measured glance. "Are events so bad here that travelers are beset by town wardens before they can set foot inside the gates? As for our business, it is for the dead but must deal with the living." Yay for getting started!
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    Intimidate, or "whoops I wasted my skill points"

    I think of intimidate during the first scene of Phantom Menace when the Jedi have just landed on Naboo and are talking to Jar-Jar. "That is the sound of a thousand terrible things coming this way. If they find us, they will crush us, smash us into little pieces, and blast us into oblivion."...
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    4e Skill Challenge playtest

    Does this mean everything has been worked out and we are ready to go? :)
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    4e Skill Challenge playtest

    I will use Olive Drab for my OOC! I used Initiative in my demos more to ensure that everyone had a chance to act then to actually represent the speed of people's reactions. Everyone here should be capable of not jumping on other's actions, so I think it is completely optional here. It looks...
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    4e Skill Challenge playtest

    "It was quite the extraordinary performance, he even mimicked Riardon's facial tic. I thought I was the only one who noticed that..." Skamos looks towards the town gates ahead, his mouth drawing to a thin, tight line. "But we may soon get a chance to repay the score..."