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Recent content by Samurai

  1. Samurai

    D&D General Adam Bradford, Lauren Urban, Todd Kenrick Leave D&D Beyond

    So you're saying there are openings? I'll throw my hat in the ring, I've been out of work for over 2 years now....
  2. Samurai

    Podcast #133: Pathfinder for Savage Worlds with Chris Warner and Mike Barbeau

    I have some House Rules for Savage Worlds that would work very well with Savage Pathfinder IMHO. One of the main ones is that you use your stat die in place of the 1d6 Wild Card die. So if your stat for a skill is only a d4, you'll roll a 1d4 + your skill die. If your stat is a1d8 or 1d10...
  3. Samurai

    Blog (A5E) Level Up’s Monsters: The Stat Block

    Right, but it says "when the vampire is targeted in melee", it doesn't say "when the vampire is attacked in melee". You must wait until after the action is taken to use your reaction, that is the 5e rule, so a case could be made that even thinking about attacking the vampire with a melee attack...
  4. Samurai

    Blog (A5E) Level Up’s Monsters: The Stat Block

    Right, so maybe say, "following the attack, whether it's a hit or miss, the vampire can attempt to charm the attacker as a Reaction."
  5. Samurai

    Blog (A5E) Level Up’s Monsters: The Stat Block

    On the spellcaster variant, why would you give him "Knock"? First, he could just transform into a mist or a rat to get by a door, and second, what about the legend that Vampires must be invited in by someone, they can't just break into a place? There must be a better, more appropriate second...
  6. Samurai

    There's a TERMINATOR RPG Coming!

    I think the Fate of Cthulhu would be the perfect game for Terminator homebrews. It is a faster version of the Fate Core system, featuring people sent back into their past (our present) in order to prevent a nightmarish disaster. In the base game, that disasters are the coming of Lovecraftian...
  7. Samurai

    RPG Crowdfunding News – Heckna!, Creatures, Skullkickers, and more

    I was a backer of the first Fateforge Kickstarter and have both books, so I can answer any questions you may have about them. (And yes, the art all the way through both books is just as nice! This is the same French company that created the award winning Shadows of Esteren, if you've ever seen...
  8. Samurai

    Roll20 RPG Usage Stats: Growth Everywhere During Pandemic!

    Interesting that even a year after the release of PF2 there are still vastly more people playing PF1, by about 3:1. There are almost as many people playing the venerable D&D3.5 vs the new PF2. Also, PF2 didn't even place anywhere on the list for Biggest Growth in Q2. I think those are very...
  9. Samurai

    Unearthed Arcana The Unearthed Arcana Is Back With Cleric's Unity Domain!

    I'm glad they changed Love Domain to Unity instead, because I created my own Love Domain Cleric which I prefer anyway!
  10. Samurai

    RPG Crowdfunding News – Destiny Aurora, Blood Floats in Space, and more

    Egg, I don't know if you knew about this or posted it in an earlier thread, but you should check out the "Adventurer's Tarot" Kickstarter. The Adventurer's Tarot I've backed it already, and there is 14 days left to back. (It ends on Jan 31)
  11. Samurai

    Critical Role Explorer's Guide to Wildemount Rockets to #1 In 'All Books' on Amazon

    I was a doubter on the Acquisitions Incorporated book. I still haven't bought it and have no plans to. But I immediately went and bought Wildemount on Amazon. I have watched some Critical Role, but I'm not a hard-core "Critter". But I love Matt Mercer's gaming style (as well as the whole...
  12. Samurai

    Meet Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams of Triple Ace Games

    Any chance you'll eventually translate the whole Leagues Of Adventure stuff to the new Savage Worlds Adventure edition? Sure, SW has Rippers already, but Leagues is a more generic and adaptable base.
  13. Samurai

    Free Carnival Row RPG from Nerdist & Monte Cook Games

    Who needs an excuse to expand your game library? But there are almost no Cypher rules in this free supplement, you might want to check out some of the actual free game previews and read reviews first. I don't think it is a truly horrible system, but I've never actually found anyone near me who...
  14. Samurai

    Free Carnival Row RPG from Nerdist & Monte Cook Games

    While I absolutely loved Carnival Row, and I thought about playing it, I would not use Cypher. My choices would probably be a modified Castle Falkenstein or Savage Worlds. Still, thank you for the free pdf laying out all the setting and characters!
  15. Samurai

    Pathfinder 2E Here's The Official Pathfinder 2E Character Sheet

    Fan-made character sheets are being made to try and correct it. Here is one of my favorites by Bluejay64: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1C14hl6biXxpBnElLSwfo6UK1c-RRubWU That is much cleaner and closer to the 1E sheets. He is still working on them he said, needs to add a couple more...