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    5E Epic Monsters: Peter Pan

    I wrote up a Ravenloft domain for Peter Pan that I liked a lot but never got a chance to run. (Tink was the Darklord.)
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    Unearthed Arcana: Four New Subclasses

    What if the Genie patron is a placeholder name for another concept - Pokémon trainer? - and not actually supposed to have anything to do with the sha'ir?
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    5E Bloodied Condition in 5e:

    I use bloodied as an indicator-to-players myself. I do think that the concept works well in 5e if they wanted to, though. I remember some stuff the Angry GM said that suggest to me that having the nature of the combat change halfway through the battle is good at making more interesting combats.
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    5E Mordenkainen's Fiendish Folio Volume 1

    I remember reading that the Xill were originally based on a book that later became the inspiration for Alien. I would love to see a terrifying version of the monster in print.
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    Eberron Is Here Today!

    What about the adventure part? How much content total?
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    5E Dragon+ issue 28: Eberron living spells

    Unimaginative. Just off the top of my head - a living lightning bolt should be a spark of lightning that arcs 100 each round, inflicting damage on anyone between its start and endpoints.
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    Which ability score would you like to increase to 18 in real life?

    Charisma solves most of my life's problems at this point. Constitution second if good health comes with it, otherwise Wisdom.
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    5E Enrage the Beholder

    As long as fun was had.
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    5E 1-Page Adventure: Cult of the Rat God

    Weasel God is funnier.
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    5E Eberron: Rising from the Last War Previews

    Never got to play Dark Sun, pity - those are the halflings that eat people, right?
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    Worlds of Design: Chaotic Neutral is the Worst

    I suddenly remember, from a long time ago, coming up with a CE religious tenet. The idea was that anything you could take, or anyone you could defeat, added to your power in the afterlife. And anything you destroyed couldn't be taken away from you by someone else. So you burn, pillage, and...
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    5E Mournlands Immigration Bureau

    Makes you wonder if the residents of the Marvel Universe have discussed this option...
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    Making a good fight out of bad spells

    I read the "flesh to stone" discussion below, and it got me to wonder: Couldn't you make a really fun encounter for your players out of a high-level wizard (or spellcasting creature) with a poor spell selection? He's much higher level than the party, but his effective CR is lowered to the...
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    5E Non-Combat Magic Items

    Inspired by another thread: What are your favorite magic items (published or home-brewed) for giving non-casters more options outside of the combat pillar? Items that let the fighter say "Instead of just charging in, what if I used my XXXX and solve the problem that way?"
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    5E The New Campaign

    So our group is starting a new campaign, and for the first time in ages I'm not the DM. Yay! The campaign premise was that we were basically adventurer-athletes, competing in dungeons for contracts, exposure, and the glory of the Emperor. We just completed our second dungeon and made 3rd...