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    D&D 5E Use for Darkness

    Or open it when you're fighting an invisible foe. Levels the playing field - neither of you have advantage or disadvantage any more.
  2. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Which favored enemy and languages for Rime of Frostmaiden?

    Honestly, I don't think it matters. No one language or creature is going to dominate the adventure in any particular way.
  3. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E CoS: Running Strahd without relying on Charm

    My party fought Strahd on the Overlook - try grappling a PC and throwing them off the edge. I wasn't feeling sadistic and did it to a character who could fly - you, of course, don't have to do that.
  4. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Tasha’s cauldron character thread

    One of my players is running a tiefling Twilight cleric when we start Icewind Dale on Wednesday. I might have a Rune Knight but he hasn't committed yet.
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    D&D 5E How Would You Do This Concept?

    In case you haven't heard of it: Slaver Sunflower
  6. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Aberrant Mind's Psionic Sorcery is officially the most powerful feature.

    I do find it strange that Tasha's suddenly gives sorcerers the bonus spells they should have been getting ever since the Storm Sorcerer saw print and didn't have them (even though it was in the playtest).
  7. Savage Wombat

    D&D General What day(s) or night(s) do you run/play your games?

    Wednesday night has been D&D night for about 30 years now. I used to have other regular games, but now I am old.
  8. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Tasha's Group Patrons Preview

    I don't understand why WotC is so convinced that, before now, no one ever considered that the PCs might work for someone else. I suspect they're trying to give DMs more tools to get players to follow the plot railroad. But maybe I'm just cynical today.
  9. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E It's official, WOTC hates Rangers (Tasha's version of Favored Foe is GARBAGE)

    As someone who was actively playing at the time, I remember it as being a solution to the "armored ranger" problem. Someone felt that rangers in plate mail was badwrongfun, and so decided to incentivize rangers to wear studded leather armor by giving them a benefit that only worked when they...
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    D&D General Copper Dragon Pranks?

    I once had an ancient faerie dragon wait until a PC had climbed up to their rocky cliff nest, and then polymorph them into a hippopotamus. The fun came in the knowledge that the falling damage was just enough to break the polymorph on impact, without carrying over excessive damage to the PC.
  11. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E What are Possible Ancestors/Sources for a Shadow Sorcerer Bloodline?

    Well if you're going to make me google it again, it's Chaulssin.
  12. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Twilight Cleric - temp hp question

    I know that temp hit points don't stack, but I'm not clear on this: There's a fighter standing in the divine aura of a Twilight Cleric. This round he gains (say) 10 temporary hit points. On the ogre's turn, he hits the fighter for 17 HP, using up the fighter's temp hp and giving him 7 damage...
  13. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E What are Possible Ancestors/Sources for a Shadow Sorcerer Bloodline?

    There's a whole city in FR that's about a group of drow that bred with shadow dragons for a bloodline. One of my players is using that.
  14. Savage Wombat

    D&D General [Dragonlance/Faerun] Anyone here met any Cataclysm/Wall of the Faithless defenders?

    Eat the gods! Seize control of the means of worship and redistribute the prayers to the people!
  15. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E A brief rant about Rime of the Frost Maiden, farming, logistics, and ecology

    Check his twitter - he's been commenting on it sporadically. He certainly likes it much better than DiA.