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Recent content by Scott Christian

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    5E Kobold Press (and are they the new Paizo?)

    That could make it a bit rough definitely.
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    5E Kobold Press (and are they the new Paizo?)

    I read and ran it, and it was fine. Not a problem for a DM that wants to put in the work. Problem is, not many do (or inexperienced DM's may not know how). But the adventure itself was only a single track railroad if you wanted it to be. There were plenty of tracks to go down, they just happened...
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    General Player Responsibilities

    There are a few rules in here, like knowing the rules, that seem a little too far for me. But here are my top three: Be in the moment. We can all be distracted at times, but try to be in the moment when at the table. Negatively phrased: don't come to the table to multitask. In my experience, I...
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    General (Anecdotal) conversations with Asian gamers on some problems they currently face in the D&D world of RPG gaming

    I would kind of state the opposite here about it being hard and with lots of mistakes. It is easy. The part, as has been mentioned before, that is difficult, is what do you consider discrimination in the context of creating or borrowing from cultures. I mean, Asian culture, with its plethora of...
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    5E 4th level Bladesinger with same AC as Tarrasque

    I don't think as GM, you try to "deal with it." You let it play out. If you are roleplaying creatures, some fights the PC is going to shine. Good on them! Some creatures are going to be a waste of their resources. And other creatures will find ways to counteract as has been talked about earlier...
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    General Preferences - Dungeon Detail?

    Even split. It does depend on the prelude to the dungeon. I mean, if we are searching the lost tomb of a god, I want 75% narrative, with tons of foreshadowing in the sessions prior. If we are in a mine that's been overrun with goblins, give me 50/50. If this is a side cave that has a troll...
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    5E Kobold Press (and are they the new Paizo?)

    I have Tome of Beasts. I liked it and thought it was good. I find the quality, both in print and editing to be a tad below WotC and Paizo. But, it doesn't diminish it enough to take it out of the running as a great supplement. I too am curious as to what others have purchased and enjoyed.
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    5E Class choices that didn't sync well with the campaign.

    No doubt many of the experienced GM's around here do it better. Just was saying, the writer's for D&D aren't necessarily slacking either. (y) ;)
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    5E Class choices that didn't sync well with the campaign.

    I completely agree. It should be worked out early on. And if there is a distinct difference in morals, then the group needs to handle it. Not saying the evil PC can't play, because some groups just don't care. But the ones that do, it needs to be discussed ahead of time. I personally haven't had...
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    5E Class choices that didn't sync well with the campaign.

    Sorry Oofta, I almost always agree with you. But the published adventures use tons of terrain. Tomb, Ghosts, Hoard, Icewind... just a cursory glance through those and you see all sorts of maps that uses terrain in interesting ways. Maybe not as creative as your ways, but still, there is a lot of...
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    5E Class choices that didn't sync well with the campaign.

    I realize your theme seems to be about being gimped. But the groups I have played with for the last 10 campaigns (different groups) don't really seem to care that much. In fact, I have even seen it promote creativity in players that would have followed the same route had they not been gimped...
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    What programs do you use when playing on-line?

    Discord for video/voice and memes ;) Roll20 for maps, minis, character sheets (keep inventory and notes on character sheets) Been playing around but haven't attempted yet these two: https://lets-role.com/ And backed this, so ready to try and test it out...
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    Worlds of Design: Escaping Tolkien

    I fail to see how many of D&D's settings are "poor, shallow imitations." I noted earlier that the two are not even remotely close to one another. I still believe this. But if you were to insist they were, how is Forgotten Realms shallow? This seems as large a contradiction as saying the D&D...
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    Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden -- A Comprehensive Review

    Great example. I would add to your statement that characters emerge and add depth over time - yes. But they do so while maintaining their core characteristics. Warf, while showing depth, never leaves his propensity to be a warrior with anger issues. He may be raising a child. He may have to sit...
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    5E Physical and/or Tactile Gaming Aids, Tips, and Tricks

    I second happyhermit use of inspiration dice. It is a really fun way for the GM to award players. I don't have anything to add to your list. But I would like dive a little deeper into maps and minis. If you have a campaign map (overland regional or world map), I have used this trick as a...