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Recent content by Shades of Eternity

  1. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E How do you do a siege in 5e?

    levels 4-5 what should I be aware of?
  2. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E How do you do a siege in 5e?

    okay here's a rough draft of ideas and how it should go: The siege game plan. Overall: the trick is to fend off waves of mind-controlled Trollitariots, their pencil pusher handlers, and avoid a certain large boreal tiger. special properties Since they did a skill montage they can setup...
  3. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E How do you do a siege in 5e?

    Thank you all Probably best to give some further details. The main concept was treating a Boreal Tiger (essentially a tiger with photokinetic abilities slapped on it to give it a Predator vibe), stalking the party and/or ambushing at some crucial moment, but on 2nd thought don't think it would...
  4. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E How do you do a siege in 5e?

    Apparently, my players have decided to hole up in a diner and now I need to redo a scenario, not unlike assault on precinct 13. I want to trickle opponents onto them wave by wave until the scariest critter shows up as a kind of inverse dungeonhack. Has anybody done such a thing and do you have...
  5. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E Giant Snails in Medieval Manuscripts.

    I just want to add this that is going around for my own note-keeping for future building. https://www.wired.com/2015/02/absurd-creature-of-the-week-scaly-foot-snail/
  6. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E Gnomes vs Dinosaurs

    Inspired by the following pic: Can I get a pitch on how you would do this game? :D
  7. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E which monsters have telekinesis?

    5e preferred, but curious about previous editions. trying to figure out something .
  8. Shades of Eternity

    Psychic Game in Vilna Alberta (Hodgepocalypse)

    Not sure if this goes here, but feel to move it as needed: **************************************** Starting a thread for brainstorming purposes and to get ideas and plot for next Sunday. First a bit of background. The game is the Hodgepocalypse (my post-post-apocalyptic game with magic...
  9. Shades of Eternity

    Lazer Mazes

    I have a strange request. I recently was watching the youtube channel toy galaxy. Anybody found a good top down lazer maze map? I want to do something special to my pcs. :D
  10. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E remake the DA series

    If WOTC wants to do a repackaging/updating of an old module series, the one that needs serious retooling, but has historical presidence and a unique nature is the DA series. The model that should be used is Curse of Strahd, but use Saint Stephen as the big bad. DA module series - Wikipedia
  11. Shades of Eternity

    doing stats for Trumpy from Pod People

    It seems like the right time to take a certain trunked alf -like character and ask for its states in your system of choice So how would you do Trumpy?
  12. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E Fantasy Appalachia

    Besides the fact that in my universe, the narrator of such a product would be Jim Cornette, he goes into this odd speech about the Woolyworm. I honestly have never heard of such a thing, but so putting it in. :D
  13. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E What is the appeal of the weird fantasy races?

    Because the weird and bizarre is fun. The role playing game that got my heart back in the day was rifts and part of the appeal is playing something strange. It's one of the reasons I created an RPG where I pushed the envelope for possibilities. The group consists of an undead hockey player...
  14. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E Fantasy Appalachia

    Well Rifts did put the Dinosaur Swamp in roughly the same location, so no complaints there. :D
  15. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E Fantasy Appalachia

    I promise to only describe this using text so you don't have to deal with my western canadian accent. :D Between Andre the Giant and Robert Maillet, I think I can make a valid arguement that all giants speak french. :p ******************************* It could be very much a spirit war where...