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    Unearthed Arcana Psionics Hits Unearthed Arcana

    I'll wait until I see the full class to make a judgment, but I really didn't care for bringing the Cthulhu-esque "Far Realm" into psionics.
  2. shadow

    Games you want to play but can't

    What are some games / settings that you are itching to play but can't because they wouldn't work with your group? For me there are three: 1. Planescape - I've tried running the Planescape setting with my group but it didn't work. My players couldn't get into the weird urban fantasy setting...
  3. shadow

    D&D 5E How should psionics be handled in 5e?

    I've been a fan of psionics for a long time and I hope to see psionics make an appearance soon in 5e soon. This leads to a question of how psionics should be handled with the 5e rules. Each previous edition has handled psionics differently. Back in 1st edition they were extra add-ons that...
  4. shadow

    D&D 5E Living Rules System?

    I see that Mike Mearls is already talking about D&D as a "living rules system". "The process will begin with playtest surveys much like the ones we did for the core game, to allow us to see if the game has issues and if so where." I'm not sure how I feel about this. Although in an article...
  5. shadow

    D&D 5E What do we hope to see in the DMG?

    A lot of speculation and rumors have been going around on account of the those who have received a copy of the MM at GenCon. But, I'm curious about what we can expect to see in the completed DMG. I've heard that we will see alternatives to Vancian spell casting as well as write ups for the...
  6. shadow

    D&D 5E What direction do you want to see D&D 5e go?

    After the Monster Manual and the Dungeon Master's Guide WotC hasn't dropped any hints on what is to come next. I'm personally hoping that 5e will focus on settings and deluxe adventures. I wouldn't mind seeing a few optional rule books (eg psionics), but for the most part I sincerely hope the...
  7. shadow

    D&D 3E/3.5 Any of you roll back 3.5 rules to 3.0?

    Back in the day I had invested quite a bit in 3.0 stuff and was quite miffed when 3.5 came out less than 3 years later. I took a look at the rules and decided that they felt way too much like a set of house rules tacked onto the game, so I continued to play 3.0.
  8. shadow

    D&D 5E 5e Tieflings and Dragonborn

    So now it's confirmed that the 5e PhB will contain Tieflings and Dragonborn. This has got me wondering what type of Tieflings and Dragonborn will be used. Until the advent of 4e, the Tieflings were described as characters that had fiendish ancestry in their bloodlines. I think the...
  9. shadow

    D&D 5E Art in 5e...?

    So the question is, what direction should art and the general look of 5e take? I realize that art is very subjective and what one person is looking for in art may not necessarily be what another person is looking for. Still, I am curious what the ENWorlders here are looking for when it comes...
  10. shadow

    D&D 5E Simulation vs Game - Where should D&D 5e aim?

    Lately, I've been thinking about the issue of D&D as a 'simulation' vs. D&D as a game. In other words, how much the rules should aim at 'simulating' a fantasy story versus how much the rules should aim at creating a balanced game, regardless of believability. Of course, I suppose the term...
  11. shadow

    WotC D&D Brand Content - What can be used?

    I have been getting interested in 'Old School Revival' games recently. I started to think of ways to convert some of my old 2nd Edition material to Castles and Crusades and found myself adding rules to emulate the NonWeapon Proficiencies and characters kits rules prevalent in 2nd edition...
  12. shadow

    Best System for a Silent Hill-like Horror Game?

    I've been thinking of running a horror game like the Silent Hill series of Playstation games, so I've been looking for an appropriate rule system that would support it. The things from the Silent Hill series of games that I would like to emulate are: A twisted "Dark World" version of the real...
  13. shadow

    Revised Poll - Pronoun Usage in D&D

    Last month I started a thread about the ways that pronouns are handled in RPG manuals. As I mentioned, I am doing an investigation on pronoun usage in D&D for my graduate sociolinguistics class and am curious about what gamers on these forums think. When I created the original poll, I forgot...
  14. shadow

    Pronouns in D&D - How should gender be handled?

    As part of my graduate sociolinguistics class, I am examining the question of pronoun usage in D&D. Most older D&D players will remember back to 1st and 2nd edition when the masculine pronoun (he, him, his) was used generically. However, when 3e was released both masculine and feminine...
  15. shadow

    Looking for gamers around Bloomington Indiana

    I'm looking for gamers around the Bloomington Indiana area. I want to run a Castles & Crusades game, but I am also interested in playing 1/2e AD&D, 3.5e, and Pathfinder. (Since I don't have much time as a student, I may only be able to do a biweekly game rather than weekly.) If you are...