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    Playtest Review of the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set

    Agreed with this sentiment. As a long-time COC fan... The Starter Set is a great value, and contains some excellent material. (The adventures are generally pretty well-known/liked, an Pre-Gen characters are always nice to have to hand. BUT, for completely new players/Keepers, I would also have...
  2. ShadowDenizen

    5E DC Comics Publishing Dungeons & Dragons Sourcebook

    As a fan of Amethyst since the first mini-series way back when, I'm glad to see the property getting so much renewed love lately! :) And "The Last God" comic is quite good so far; issue 4 just came out, so it's quite possible to catch up in no time. (There's a plethora of fantasy comics out...
  3. ShadowDenizen

    5E Best 5e Adventure? Vote up to 3

    Agree with all this. :)
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    5E Best 5e Adventure? Vote up to 3

    Curse of Strahd is a no-brainer, as I'm a fan of Ravenloft, since it's inception and in all it's incarnations. Tomb of Annihiliation: While I have a few issues with this (the set-up being SUPER weak), it's overall an enjoyable mix of many things I enjoy about both 5E and the history of D&D...
  5. ShadowDenizen

    DDAL Here's WotC's 14-Adventure CURSE OF STRAHD Series For DDAL

    For me, I'm totally down for anything Strahd/Ravenloft related! And this seems like a good start to get my non-RL loving friends INTO RL! :)
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    Looking for new Card Games!

    Of all the collectible card games I've played... The ones that still interest me and receive play on a regular basis are: Jyhad/Vampire the Eternal Struggle Shadowfist Middle Earth CCG [From I.C.E.] Babylon 5 [Perhaps the best-balanced multipplayer card I've played, though it's a fiar...
  7. ShadowDenizen

    What's a resonable price-point for entry into the RPG hobby?

    This came up in the D+D-specific forums (specifically the "Would you pay $50 for a "Standard" PHB?" thread), but I think it's worth bringing up as a general question. SO.. What's a reasonable price-point for new players to enter into the RPG hobby? (I"ll refrain from posting my thoughts...
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    Kickstarter Call of Cthulhu - Horror on the Orient Express Boxed Set Kickstarter

    Speaking as someone who own the original, and is chipping in on the reprint…. Orient Express was a great adventure for it’s time, and really upped the standards from Chaosium. The contents of the boxed set was extensive for it’s time, including a carbboard cutout of the Simulacrum (see below)...
  9. ShadowDenizen

    Pre-Release Review of Atlantis Rising by Z-Man Games

    Thanks for bringing this up and the in-depth review! (And that's why I love the ENWorld Reviews section in general.) This sounds like it might be right up my alley, and yet I may have missed it due to the HUGE amount of new games coming out every week.
  10. ShadowDenizen

    Kickstarter Too many Kickstarter projects? Is Kickstarter the new d20 glut?

    Interesting topic, and thanks for posting, Morrus. I think there is a current glut of KickstarterProjects, personally. And it's apt to compare it to the early days of the D20 glut. But we're in the very early stages of this fad, and I think, as with the D20 glut, this will tend to even itself...
  11. ShadowDenizen

    Input & Thoughts Needed for Upcomig Campaign!

    Hey, guys. So, I'm planning for an uncoming 3.5/Pathfinder game, and could use some input from people. The premise of the game is essentially a "Post-Apocalyptic" campaign; the assumption is that in this campaign, Kyuss was not stopped, and the Age of Worms has truly begun. (For those...
  12. ShadowDenizen

    WotC Presence at Conventions

    Hey, all. So, I was tempted to place this in the "Hasbro ordered...." thread, but this seems like it might be more appropriate for a thread of it's own. Before I start, a little about me, so you have some perspective. I'm a 30+ year gamer, and have been through each iteration of the game. I'm...
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    Newly Formed 4E Group Looking For Players

    Hello, fellow ENWorlders. We are a newly formed 4E group looking for additional new players in the Boston, MA area. We currently have 3 players plus a DM, but are looking to recruit up to 3 more players. We currently play every other Saturday afternoon/evening in the Waltham area. Age ranges...
  14. ShadowDenizen

    4E 4E Class Survivor - Round 6

    Well, I've been alternating in these polls between the Invoker and the Warden. This time, it's the Warden's turn.