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Recent content by SilentJay

  1. SilentJay

    2000AD The Day The Law Died

    Are we going to see this available for POD through Amazon or DriveThru?
  2. SilentJay

    2000AD Judge Dredd Errata

    In that context, yeah, it makes sense to drop it, but it makes sense to have it as a response to general hacking. (Though, I'll admit, it doesn't really come up that much in JD.)
  3. SilentJay

    Option to "purchase" a monster on the "What's Old Is New" site (http://www.woinrpg.com/monsters)? What are you actually paying for?

    You can get to it via the Bestiary link on the 2000ad resources page, at least the Megacity-1 version of the page.
  4. SilentJay

    2000AD Has Rogue Trooper shipped yet?

    Thanks for the update, Morrus.
  5. SilentJay

    2000AD Has Rogue Trooper shipped yet?

    I guess this is mostly for Morrus, but I was wondering if the supplement has shipped yet? I just ordered it and Strontium Dog. (Edit: I just realized that what I thought was people receiving their books was Morrus showing a printer's proof.) If not, is there an ETA?
  6. SilentJay

    How do you read your TTRPG books?

    Interesting features, then randomly. Like above, I can't seem to ever read them cover to cover (most of the time, there have been a couple of exceptions.)
  7. SilentJay

    Pathfinder 2E Pathfinder Beginner Box in November

    Just keep in mind that it's most likely going to be a stripped down version of the rules, just like the PF1E and SF beginner boxes before it.
  8. SilentJay

    WOIN Character Builder Working?

    There's another link/version for it, and this one always seems to work: WOIN Character Builder That said, I'm not sure which is the one we're supposed to be using.
  9. SilentJay

    WOIN [Question] Does Cybernetics count as Equipment in dice pools?

    It's equipment quality that counts with Max Dice Pool, not equipment bonuses. (Though that could be made clearer in the rules.) So, the +1d6 to Strength is above and beyond the MDP. That said, I don't know if cyberware counts as equipment with equipment quality.
  10. SilentJay

    WOIN when collaborating on a task, does the dice pool cap apply?

    They're treated as one character with a 7d max.
  11. SilentJay

    2000AD Judge Dredd Errata

    On pg 71, the Counterhack exploit refers to a "system override exploit" which doesn't seem to have made it to the book.
  12. SilentJay

    2000AD Judge Dredd Errata

    Can we assume that on page 62, "Crime Scene Processor (1d6 hours)" should read "(1d6 years)"?