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    LFP - Star Frontiers online game

    Next Game Will Be: Saturday 15th at 11AM EST Total Players Needed: 6 Frequency: One-shot, 4+ hours Audio/Visual: Voice only VTT: Discord and Owlbear Rodeo Primary Language: English New Players are Welcome Mature Content(18+) No Rule System: Spacers of the Frontier Pre-Gens: Yes Character...
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    New Sci-Fi RPG - Looking for Players (1-4)

    Play-testers Wanted: one-on-one sessions or group play. GM: Family friendly GM, your also welcome to run the game (PDF format, no artwork) More information about the game: Spacers of the Frontier First Session: Players are troubleshooters for Prime Hirelings Inc. (PHI). You'll take various jobs...