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    5E New Cover for Eberron: Rising from the Last War

    According the Wizards site, this won't be a campaign, it will have a 1st level adventure and some adventure seeds, am I right?
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    PF2 Pathfinder 2E Errata

    Another example is the Odyssey of the Dragonlords Kickstarter. Backers got the 80% finished version, they can send feedback now, and will probably receive the finished version for proofreading before it is sent to the printer. A company like Paizo with the amount of products they have wouldn't...
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    PF2 Pathfinder 2E Errata

    @R_J_K75 ist right, this shouldn't happen today. Why not realease the PDF a couple of months early, let people take a look at it, and print the book with the errata? Pinnacle did this for their SWADE and it kinda worked. Not everything was fixed before the printing but most of it did...
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    Looking for an upcoming 3rd party setting (forgot the name)

    I don't know know whether someone remembers what I'm talking about. In 2018 or maybe 2017 some company mentioned they are going to do a 5e setting book with a whole campaign or at least some adventures, that are a bit ancient Greece inspired (way before the Hellenistika announcement). It was a...