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Recent content by stadi

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    Essence20: The New RPG System Which Powers Hasbro Licensed Games

    Will there be any adventure campaigns, released for these?
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    Critical Role Critical Role's New Show - Exandria Unlimited!

    I may not matter that much, but I always use the term Game Master, be it D&D, Savage Worlds or Call of Cthulhu. I'm never into rule system / setting specific versions of GM.
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    D&D 5E WotC Takes Control of D&D Translations

    This is good for all who need it but I really dislike "localized social media accounts". I hope these are separate pages and not localized versions of the same page. Facebook at least is really bad with those. Lately I'm not sure you have the option to switch to the international version. I'm...
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    D&D 5E Auroboros Kickstarter From Warcraft Devs Has Launched

    I was hoping that this will come with a big campaign like Odyssey of the Dragonlords, but unfortunately it didn't.
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    D&D General How would you finish Jeff Grubb's unpublished TSR setting - Storm Front?

    This sounds almost like Jim Butcher's The Cinder Spires series (only one out). People are living in huge towers, the ground is covered by mist and is filled with monsters. This is a "crystal-punk" setting, people fly crystal powered ships and there are also intelligent cats. I really enjoyed it...
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    RPG Crowdfunding News – Coyote & Crow, Victorian Mage, DIESEL, and more

    Pinnacle has the East Texas University: Study Abroad (a Savage Worlds Booster) running on Game On Tabletop. It's a quick one, ends on the 25th.
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    Playtest (A5E) Level Up Playtest Document #11: Wizard

    Yes, I can houserule it myself, or take existing options. Or say that sorcerers are wizards and start houseruling from there. Publications like these might be interesting for me because they might do just that. In this case, this is not going far enough for what I'm looking for. Might be what...
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    Playtest (A5E) Level Up Playtest Document #11: Wizard

    By vancian I meant the whole spell slot thing. Having spell slots and needing access to your spellbook is what I dislike in the D&D wizard.
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    Playtest (A5E) Level Up Playtest Document #11: Wizard

    Might have been interested if not for the vancian magic and the spellbook (but still different from a sorcerer)
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    Check Out The One Ring 2E's Pre-Kickstarter Video!

    I really really, very strongly dislike this art. I know that art is subjective, but this ruins it for me. I might make up my mind and still back it, but I won't back it because of the art, that's for sure. This one would have been a completely other level: RPG: The One Ring - More Cultures And...
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    Savage Pathfinder Savage Pathfinder's Wizard Gets An Update!

    They are not "part of the core rules" as in available always, there are edges that grant them for specific situations / specific Traits/Skills.
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    Savage Pathfinder Savage Pathfinder's Wizard Gets An Update!

    I can always houserule it, and I'm not really thinking in PF / D&D RAW, but in a more generic way. My strongest inspiration comes from The Wheel of Time, and there is basically one kind of magic source (or two if you count the female and male ones as different ones) and they can also heal there...
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    Savage Pathfinder Savage Pathfinder's Wizard Gets An Update!

    I miss the healing. I like for magic to be universal and it's also great for small parties if you don't need a cleric for healing.
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    The 10 Most Anticipated Tabletop RPGs of 2021

    I wonder if people will actually play Dune. They will definitely buy it, but I wonder how many will actually play it regularly.
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    The Labyrinth RPG Is Out!

    Anyone played the game already? How well does it play with only one player (character)?