Epic Storyteller (30+ yrs DM/GMing from Chainmail/1st Ed/2d Ed/Forgotten Realms/Planescape/Star Wars/Legend of 5 Rings to our own published game) looking for experienced players for Immortal Empires Role Playing Game for Mature Players.

Our game is *the* answer for those old school players dissatisfied with watered down gaming systems that don't let you customize a unique character. d10 system only (open-ended 10s), open magic system (build any spell with points instead of pre-made spells you can't access), fighting art powers, nonmagical innate powers (talents), and so much more.

Published 4 novels and the game, along with Steampunk expansion. Looking for in-person players in Vandalia IL/St.Louis & surrounding areas to playtest Cyber Age expansion rules (after I intro you to the main game set in a very magical and backstabbing Imperial Rome, where your object is to become Emperor/Empress of one of the 5 Ancient Races at all costs. Parallel Universe. Plot-driven and myriad sub-plots (about 20% hack'n'slash) role play.

Will give Adventurer's Rulebook (one of the 2 core rulebooks) for free to first 3 new in-person players ($75 value).


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Do you have what it takes to become the next Immortal Emperor?



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