I've always -loved- fantasy (dragons, goblins, treasure, wizards, etc...) since I was a wee tot, but I never realized it until I first played D&D (basic) in 1987. I got the red box set that christmas and was obsessed for years. More than the game I loved and played, that red box eventually introduced me to friends back then that I still hold today.

I enjoy games in general, but fantasy RPG's above all. I don't get to play 1/20th as much as I'd like with the life I now have, but I manage to sneak in a few games a year. I've stayed loyal to D&D as nothing else 'felt' right, though I have played Toon, Paranoia, Cyberpunk and a few others for a change of pace. I'm in the undecided camp for 4e, as it's simply different enough to be a different game, though my players like it so it's what we use for the game I run. I'm actually in a 2e campaign and an on-line 4e game as well. Sounds like I game a lot, but I've only been able to run my game once or twice this year (it's almost Sept), and the same goes for the 2e game. The online game is in the trial phase. And now I'm going into too much detail... blah blah blah.