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    New Fighting Fantasy books by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson

    I'm regretting now selling my collection 20 years ago. I try to ease my regrets by thinking that the new owner is enjoying them as much as I did when they first came out in the 80s. Every once in a while during 1st and 2nd Ed I would create my own "Death Trap Dungeon" for the group. 1 shot, any...
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    D&D General Monsters you love to hate, and monsters you hate to love.

    My players hate Ankhegs. The first time I used them was back in 2ed. The party had stopped for lunch and everyone failed their checks and were thus surprised by the 3 ankhegs bursting from under the ground. The party lost 2 horses and almost one PC to that attack. In 3rd edition, I used them...
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    D&D General Al-Qadim, Campaign Guide: Zakhara, and Cultural Sensitivity

    I believe I own every product made for the Al Qadim setting. I thoroughly enjoyed the setting when it came out and loved reading through it. Sadly, none of my group wanted to play in the setting. Every once in a while nostalgia hits and I'll re-read the books. Although I can now more clearly...
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    D&D 5E Descent Into Avernus & Mad Max: Why the adventure ultimately failed (to me!)

    I ran DiA for our group. The entire adventure was through Roll20 due to local lockdowns during the pandemic, but in some ways it actually helped make the adventure better. I had read through the Alexandrian Remixes as well, so I knew to limit the Devil/Demon road section and how to make it more...
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    D&D General Essential supplements for each edition

    I forgot! 3ed Edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide! We play in the Realms all the time and that has been our go to resource since it came out, replacing the Gray Box.
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    D&D General Essential supplements for each edition

    1st Ed - we enjoyed the hell out of UA. 2nd Ed - personally, I loved the Forgotten Realms grey box, the first Undermountain box, Complete Thief's, Complete Psionics and just about every thing Al Qadim. I just loved what they were trying to do with that setting, despite the obvious tropes. 3/3.5...
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    D&D 5E Rime of the Frostmaiden Post-Mortem (Spoilers)

    Our session zero was spent deciding what characters we were going to play and the DM presented the list of Secrets for us to choose from. We decided 2 of our characters were from Ten Towns (Lonelywood and Bryn Shander), without knowing anything about the sacrifices. Failure on the DMs part...
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    D&D 5E What do you like about the current adventures from WOTC [+]

    I've seen individual review threads for the various modules from WOTC, and the commentary ranges quite wildly throughout. So let's put together a thread of the positives for the various adventures. Lost Mines of Phalander - a solid introductory adventure! Hoard of the Dragon Queen - I have...
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    D&D 5E Rime of the Frostmaiden Post-Mortem (Spoilers)

    I have not read the module. We're only just at the beginning of it - literally just completed the Good Mead section. From what we understand, as explained by the DM, the Ten Towns populations have been trapped for 2 years. But that is a huge, inconsistent plot hole nonetheless. If the...
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    D&D 5E Rime of the Frostmaiden Post-Mortem (Spoilers)

    The time frame for the weather is one of the larger plot holes for us. Another is that the three largest towns, all supposedly led by good aligned NPCs, have somehow managed to convince the entire population base that live sacrifices are necessary for their survival. Despite 7 other towns...
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    D&D 5E Rime of the Frostmaiden Post-Mortem (Spoilers)

    Our group recently completed Baldur's Gate. I ran it. I'm an experienced DM. And I was happy to make use of Justin's suggestions for certain sections of the adventure. Why? I'm older now. I don't have time to read and re-read a module several times in order to run it. If I'm paying for a module...
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    D&D General [+] Tell me about your favorite official D&D setting...

    I loved the literary world of DragonLance. Never played the modules, nor felt interested in doing so. Not sure why. I loved Al Qadim and the Arabian-esque feel to it. I still own everything made for. Never could convince the group to try it out, though. One player did try a Shi'ar, but the...
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    D&D 5E Spells that have disappeared...

    I miss the 3e spell Baleful Transposition. Party druid transforms into a mouse. Mage casts the spell on enemy spellcaster and druid. Enemy spellcaster fails save, finds they are now surrounded by the party tanks. Meanwhile, the enemy fighters are wondering why their mage has disappeared and a...
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    D&D 5E Ill advised characters

    I played a Cleric of the Trickery Domain. Did great while in the cities, decent skill rolls. In combat in the wilds? Not so good. But I had a blast playing him. So much so that he made an appearance as an NPC in Descent to Avernus. 😈
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    D&D 5E Monster Art Preview! Also, how important is art to you?

    Art is very important for me when perusing a gaming book. If I don't like the art, I won't buy the book, regardless of how good the mechanics are. It doesn't need to be full colour, but it needs to be consistent in style/theme.