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    5E Meta pacts for those too aware

    This reminds me of a passage I recently read in the Rock of Bral Spelljammer accessory: "Very few people realize that Luigi's knowledge is godlike in its scope--that he is a vision of the potential of the beholder race. He has, at one time, known everything there is to know about anything in...
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    General Adventures into the multiverse

    I use the D&D Multiverse as my setting, so I encompass (at least in theory) all of the published settings and any home brews we make. Our current mega-campaign has each of the 5 party members hailing from a different world: Toril, Oerth, Krynn, and two homebrew worlds. So far we've spent time...
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    5E Tasha's Hideous Laughter vs Otto's Irresistible Dance

    The action to make the save isn't optional, that's your prescribed action each round. Not being Incapacitated means you can still take reactions, bonus actions, and Legendary Actions. And that's about the only difference. For many creatures that only means they can still take opportunity...
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    5E Tasha's Hideous Laughter vs Otto's Irresistible Dance

    I'm not sure why Otto's doesn't just Incapacitate you and give you a save at the end of each round. Then it would be easier to directly compare what it's giving you. They must have thought that would be too good of an upgrade.
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    General Naming the Barbarian? [added battlerager]

    I'd pick Barbarian, but Battlerager is my second choice. It's a single word that is descriptive of what the class does, culturally neutral, and evocative, while actually sounding like a D&D class name.
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    5E What We Know About Tasha's Cauldron Of Everything

    Do we know what the 8 reprinted subclasses are?
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    General The "DM's PC"

    I think it's still true that a balanced mix of classes is more effective than a single class or a limited set of classes. You don't need a cleric for healing, but you can get a lot more healing if you have one, in addition to other holy person stuff. You don't need a rogue to do the rogue...
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    5E Etherealness, Deep Ethereal, and Plane Shift.

    What's actually going on there is all of those are magical ways of getting into the Border Ethereal, which also bring you back when they end. It's not that you can just move into the Material Plane (or an Inner Plane) at-will from the Border Ethereal, rather it's that those spells and items...
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    5E Let’s Build a Psion

    Here's a partial draft I made of a simple psion a few months ago. It's Intelligence-based but there are a lot of similarities.
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    5E Variant Multiclassing (AD&D/Gygax Style), help with play balance

    Just rounding HD size down is simplest, but it might not be totally satisfying, as a Fighter/Rogue gets the same hit points as a Fighter/Wizard, for instance. I agree that 14 is too weak.
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    5E Variant Multiclassing (AD&D/Gygax Style), help with play balance

    One issue you'll have is that giving them the hit points from the lowest class creates a similar issue to giving them the hit points from the highest class--it makes the other class in the combination irrelevant. Part of the feature of a barbarian is that it has d12s, etc. You're really best off...
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    5E Etherealness, Deep Ethereal, and Plane Shift.

    I had forgotten it was 8th rather than 7th level. Such...a...bad...spell. In any event, you're right, I don't want to obsolete it. Absolutely! This, alas, one can't do. When inside the Border Ethereal you need to have some sort of special ability to just step across into the bordering plane...
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    5E Etherealness, Deep Ethereal, and Plane Shift.

    It might actually be more straightforward if I changed it so that you actually can't cast it from the Border Ethereal, and instead have to cast it from the Deep Ethereal when standing in front of the wall of color. I think the reason I didn't do that initially was dimensionally to give the...
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    5E What's wrong with the psion in UA mystic 3

    They had some sort of short range teleportation or combat feature flavored that way. Nothing like previous edition real astral travel powers that can compete with a 9th level spell.
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    5E What's wrong with the psion in UA mystic 3

    For me, one thing that is really essential that hasn't been brought up is that it completely lacks high level capabilities. You can't travel through the astral plane, for instance. A psion needs to have equivalently high-leveled things to spellcasters in that regard.