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    Know any good "random complication" tables for SF games?

    Anyway, random-out-of-nowhere stuff is likely to look silly more often than not. Random stuff shaped by otherwise observable details that can be randomly generated (and put together by GM) can look natural. Try to look in sandboxes. Those are made of random tables. Specifically for SF, in Stars...
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    Sorting armor by effectiveness

    In other words, many things matter. Thus there are niches. Adaptation is everything. Armor co-evolves with weapons and tactics. All three have enough of external dependencies to ensure the balance doesn’t stay still indefinitely. Armor can reduce mobility and endurance, but those are important...
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    WotC Filing: Wizards of the Coast makes up roughly 70% of Hasbro's value

    “Objective”? IDK. Why would he? And yes, that’s just one dude, Itchy Bacca. Is it? I suppose, it's possible. Likewise, it seems possible to check every linked web page for mentions of, for example, color pink. But, uh, what would be the point (in either case)? To have “elephant in the room”...
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    Sorting armor by effectiveness

    “Not D&D specific”? It comes from flimsy attempts at historical research by Samuel Rush Meyrick who pulled “facts” out of painting techniques and whatnot. The “ring mail” is not a thing that existed, because it simply does not make sense. The rest is his extra-fancy terminology for real things...
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    WotC Filing: Wizards of the Coast makes up roughly 70% of Hasbro's value

    That's one half of the rotten orange, yes. And that's the half of an apple, indeed… but it's also rotten: Welcome to ⅩⅩⅠ century, Rip Van Winkle! Star Wars is not a "rockstar of the licences" anymore. After what was done with it in the last decade or so, "monkey paw" would be a more apt...
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    D&D General The Early "Design Principles" of D&D, and their Lasting Legacy

    Many good points. And yes, the Hammer Horror Cleric was an atavism long before it mutated into "CoDzilla". Also: You mentioned it, but maybe it needs to be said more explicitly: D&D started as a character-level extension of a wargame. Which left tracks all over the place… and caused more...
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    TSR [Let's Read] Polyhedron/Dungeon

    Or a diversion, or setting more things on fire as the target runs around. Again, it also can provide distraction, and in a more subtle way if set up just right. If someone "snaps out", they are not automatically disentangled from the fight, especially if the victim has allies. Also, depending...
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    D&D General What’s The Big Deal About Psionics?

    And then there was an attempt to make warriors' abilities to work like magic too. Which became infamous under the nickname of "weaboo fightan magic". This could be "justified" the same way. But let's face it, the strongest real reason was d20 being so laughably broken that this looked like the...
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    Damage protection

    So, as Toughness Bonus in d100 (Warhammer RP) and as Stamina in Star Frontiers? This can work, of course, but doesn't seem to add anything new or greatly improve, to be worth of extra complication. Also, note that Toughness Bonus in d100 is offset by Strength Bonus. As in, for average humans...
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    Performance is a Designer Trap

    Decrease in efficiency with raw strength is a pretty sensible feature in itself, if only because the other variable here is time, so it’s actually a trade-off. It's not a “design trap”. It’s either bad UI (if it doesn't show both cost and effect nor at least notes in TFM “there be diminishing...
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    D&D General What’s The Big Deal About Psionics?

    I greatly prefer AD&D2 version. Aside of obvious flaws (telepathy being overpowered because it's cheap and there are no natural defenses) that could be patched rather easily, if at the cost of more mechanics (I’d modify contact cost by size, for one: then a telepath can nudge a Zaratan in a...
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    D&D 2E 2e Bard vs Wizard Class Balance

    I don't see why Bard or other "lesser spellcasters" should have highest-level spells like primary spellcasters. It's not like everyone with improving to-Hit chance can take specialization like Fighter. But it's only a part of the problem. Another part is whether our obeisance to the ill-defined...
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    D&D General Would You Take This Deal?

    Depends on the context. In a "padded sumo" match (both sides have enough of HP that law of large numbers reigns supreme, only the averages really matter)? You would go down in 3/4 as many rounds, but the enemy goes down in 1/2 as many rounds, so yes, it's a good trade-off. Against swarms of...
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    D&D General why do we have halflings and gnomes?

    From trade? Not a whole lot. One word: ceilings. :lol:
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    What do space empires fight over?

    "There's no bottleneck or single-source resource" is not the same as lack of competition for resources that aren't quite common. Or even not the resource as such, but accessibility and prices of the resource and its derivatives. (cough see also: certain black liquid rich in hydrocarbons cough)...