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  1. Teflon Billy

    Is search down?

    I've been getting a blank screen "Database Error" for about a week now.
  2. Teflon Billy

    Witch Hunter one-off

    I played in a one-off of Paradigm Concept's With Hunter game last night and had a blast. The GM had apparently had something like the adventure we played in his head for some time, and he pretty much improv'd the whole thing. The players--with the lubrication provided by a decent amount of...
  3. Teflon Billy

    Game Night, by Jonny Nexus. You need to read it:)

    I just finished reading Game Night by EN World's own Jonny Nexus and it is a laugh riot. I'm not sure if any of you have read Jonny's website Critical Miss, but the "falling on your ass laughing" calibre humour that he's always brought to the site translates well into this book. It is about a...
  4. Teflon Billy

    Eat Your Hearts Out My Fellow Gamers, part III

    In the grand tradition (well, my grand tradition) of announcing the purchases that my hometown makes possible every so often, here's the latest... I Went to The Comic Shop today and they are selling everything that Green Ronin is blowing out at basically pocket change prices. So I picked up...
  5. Teflon Billy

    Having a lower-than-average INT moment...

    Does anyone have a printable 3.5E Character sheet they can post here? Can't find one on the Wizards.com site. Thanks in advance:)
  6. Teflon Billy

    D&D 4E Women in 4E

    I should learn to post with your brevity and focus.
  7. Teflon Billy

    D&D 4E Women in 4E

    I think you are just being disingenuous now. You entered the thread claiming that pictures of half naked male swordsmen were so rare as to be basically unfindable with an internet search...as compared to cheesecake Sword and Sorcery art. Here it is... The point is that Conan was the only...
  8. Teflon Billy

    D&D 4E Women in 4E

    Yeah, but my point is that even that picture met your requirements...and it came up on page one. You think the pictures I pulled from Google are more common to Harlequin Romances than RPG supplements? :\
  9. Teflon Billy

    D&D 4E Women in 4E

    I just plonked "Barbarian" into google images and came out with these on the first page... ...which leads me to believe that, not only are the pictures you "couldn't find" easily, easily found, but they are in fact...the norm
  10. Teflon Billy

    D&D 4E Women in 4E

    But all that's being refuted is anecdotal evidence. Can't accept one and disregard the other.
  11. Teflon Billy

    D&D 4E Women in 4E

    No, it's not. And incidentally, I think your "unable to find anything but a pic of Arnold Schwarzenegger" argument--with that single post--went into the tank.
  12. Teflon Billy

    D&D 4E Women in 4E

    I typed in "Frazetta" and "Vallejo" and got upwards of 60 pages worth
  13. Teflon Billy

    D&D 4E Women in 4E

    I'm not sure I get your point. :uhoh:
  14. Teflon Billy

    D&D 4E Women in 4E

    Well, the second one is Conan...I'd be fine with that. The further D&D moves away from Conan and his ilk the less I seem to like it.
  15. Teflon Billy

    D&D 4E AoO's are still in 4e

    I don't think it needs to be more mobile. What with Tumble and entering threatened zones provoking AoO's rather than stopping movement, it makes it pretty hard to Hold the Line or defend a Spellcaster. Yeah:)