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    Check Out These Bladerunner RPG Previews

    We have found that Free League has become a company of style over substance.
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    The Bladerunner Kickstarter Date Is... May 3rd!

    No need to rationalize fiction. Literature--perhaps especially collective story-telling through role-play--allows the exploration of ideas and actions in a relatively safe manner than would be unpleasant, hazardous, or even fatal to do so in actuality. Not that rationalization isn't a key...
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    How long have you been gaming?

    I first played (CoC) in my late teens in East Germany, but didn't really start frequent gaming until the winter of '92-'93 in Yugoslavia (T2k). But since neither of those countries exist anymore, does that mean my experience might be mythical as well? Our immediate gaming group has a couple of...
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    Worldviews and campaigns coming together

    They have the one needed for the story being collectively told. Few of the NPCs I run in my game hold my cultural beliefs. Fictional characters very much do have their own cultural perspectives, regardless of critics who insist they are all the foils or variations of their author. Ideas...
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    Worldviews and campaigns coming together

    Nope. They represent their own perspectives and cultures. A great aspect of role-playing is that it allows me step beyond my own dissonant perspectives and mestiza of cultural narratives.
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    Review of Twilight: 2000: You’re on Your Own, Good Luck

    The downside is they might be under fire as well. The upside, I suppose, is their excuses for not making a session will certainly be valid.
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    Review of Twilight: 2000: You’re on Your Own, Good Luck

    I first played T2k in a warzone. Playing a game of war was much less absurd than the war being fought. And less unhealthy for the neighbors.
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    Extra Credits: Tabletop Industry 'Extinction Level Event'

    Oooo! I love discussion of Extinction Level Events. Combines two advanced degrees of study into one conversation! The kind of declaration this video offers compels the need to have an antonym for the Cassandra Complex. Perhaps that would be Henny Penny/Chicken Little? Kickstarter is expanding...
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    Chaosium Suspends NFT Plans

    1) There is ample evidence that all NFTs are a scam. 2) Show me anywhere in my message that implies in the slightest that I called anyone an idiot. 3) Over-reaction bugs you (welcome to three decades of web commentary) and yet you use hyperbole to make a point about something that wasn't present...
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    Chaosium Suspends NFT Plans

    I took the initial comment to be aimed at the suckers who buy into the idea of a scam as being akin to the suckers who think they're good at poker but aren't. Inferring from that comment that poker is a scam like NFTs is likely a misreading of the comment. i.e. • I'm a sucker who believes NFTs...
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    Why do Americans pronounce centaurs "centars"???

    Ever look into the history of Huntsville, Alabama? 🚀
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    Moral Choices in RPGs

    Excellently said. Taking on character roles to examine questions of choice, decision, and morality is, to me and my small group, core reasons to engage with role-playing games. I approach such role-playing in a similar manner to travelling various parts of the world: I leave my personal...
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    Review of Twilight: 2000: You’re on Your Own, Good Luck

    There are some games that get their approximation attempts correct. Delta Green, for example, has a Lethality rating for heavier weapons, where there is a percentage chance (usually decently high) that being in the blast radius outright kills a character. Personally, I think that's a more...
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    Review of Twilight: 2000: You’re on Your Own, Good Luck

    The clues are most certainly there.
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    (+) Gaming in historical settings and dealing with values of the era

    Not at all. But many of the football rivalries of my former nation are still steeped in the insular myopic ideology that caused the violence. But there are just as many cross-ethnic friendships and bonds. Spin-doctor kind of way of squirming out of what you actually said to what you claim to...