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    D&D 5E Sell me on: Midgard by Kobold Press

    seems pretty reasonable to me. :) I mean, if I were guessing.
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    D&D 5E Sell me on: Midgard by Kobold Press

    If I can neither confirm nor deny, then I can not likely get on with anything at this time. shrug
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    D&D 5E Sell me on: Midgard by Kobold Press

    I can neither confirm nor deny but I'm willing to solidly bet the appeal will be non-zero.
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    D&D 5E Sell me on: Midgard by Kobold Press

    You're welcome...
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    D&D 5E Sell me on: Midgard by Kobold Press

    (removed duplicate post)
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    D&D 5E Sell me on: Midgard by Kobold Press

    They may or may not really dig Wrath of the River King and Courts of the Shadowfey-- both have some social/politicking elements to them, but they're about saving Zobeck from the machinations of faerie lords who want to enforce strange faerie rule over the otherwise fantasy-mundane city and area...
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    D&D 5E Kobold Press (and are they the new Paizo?)

    I own everything from them, but, I'm definitely biased.
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    Design Camp 2 just $290 from Funding!

    Our new project is entering it's last week for funding on Kickstarter. If you're curious about RPG game design and want to check out the process this fall, come join us! Our plan is to take a 3rd Edition adventure revise the design and convert it to both 5E D&D and Pathfinder. We're going...
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    Pathfinder 1E [Design Camp] A Return to "Open Design"-style projects: The Celestial Host!

    Do you miss the days of Open Design, or did you miss a chance to try it? Want to learn about the RPG Freelancing Business? Want a say as to the design of your next RPG purchase? Check out Design Camp! A new project from me -- Ben McFarland, Jaye Sonia of Storm Bunny Studios, and freelancer...
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    Seeking Ars Magica Players in Albany, NY area

    I'm attempting to find potential players for an Ars Magica 5th Edition campaign, which would begin in April. This would be an in-person game. Potentially played at the Studio of Bridge and Games in Schnectady, NY, maybe someplace else, and likely on an twice-monthly schedule. There would be two...
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    [Ars Magica] Sub Rosa #10 sails into port!

    A mild winter has left us busy but issue #10 is now here, full of stormy skies and unfamiliar magic, with a dash of mystery and a ship to sail it by. Accented with lavish art, you'll find pieces from Ars Magica veterans like Jeff Menges and Angela Taylor alongside Sub Rosa regulars like Vincent...
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    [Open Design] Help create a legend! -- the spring project is here

    Great adventures are the foundation of any tabletop RPG. The Dragonlance series, the Vault of the Drow, Tomb of Horrors, Sunless Citadel, Rise of the Runelords--and even Open Design's own Courts of the Shadow Fey have all defined adventure for a generation of gamers. The Midgard Tales project...
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    [Rite Publishing] Martial Arts Guidebook seeking Patrons

    Rite Publishing has launched the Martial Arts Guidebook (PFRPG) patronage project! Please stop over at the funding site and check out the promotional video, our pitch, and see if you would be interested in joining us! Just two days in and already we're at nearly the half-way mark! This is...
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    [Open Design] A new project sets sail!

    With a changing of the seasons, Open Design embarks on a fresh project-- Journeys to the West: Fantastic Voyages in the Western Ocean Designer: Christina Stiles (Unhallowed Halls, The Village of Briarton, Faery's Tale) System: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Adventure Levels: 1 to 12 Length...
  15. terraleon

    Worth an eye and a week on the World Tree!

    With gorgeous cover art by Aaron Miller and 114 pages of frosty goodness, The Northlands is Open Design's response to a fan call for a Sunken Empires sequel. Written by Dan Voyce (Tales of Zobeck, Halls of the Mountain King, Tales of the Old Margreve) and the project patrons, this is a book for...