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    D&D 5E Blue ONE, An attempt at a TRUE 5e Basic version

    It’s a brilliant job mate!
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    D&D 5E Blue ONE, An attempt at a TRUE 5e Basic version

    This is brilliant! Love it as a B/X fan who plays 5e. Proofreading wise there are some examples in the ‘actual play’ section where Juan and Sarah are mixed up, just FYI. Also MM is given as just the one Missile for the wizard character. No biggie but thought May be useful to know. In terms of...
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    D&D 5E Warlock Spell Selection: Does the PC or the *player* choose their spells?

    The player chooses the spell, but I personally always spin it so that they ‘meet’ or otherwise have a close encounter of some sort (dream vision, constellations reforming above them for a period, face in the flames, whatever) with their patron and they ‘bequeath’ these spells in game to the...
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    D&D 5E Going from 1st to 5th Edition

    Reverse story. I ran my 5e group through In Search of Adventure playing BECMI rules. Wow. “What do you mean there’s no rules for healing?” “Seriously? I failed one save and I’m dead?” “My elf has one spell? One?” “I attack!” changing PDQ to “I close the door and run away. I’ll be back with the...
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    D&D 5E Attunement question

    The real point of attunement is to put a cap on the number of items you can use, right? In this case, seems fair - pretty powerful item.
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    D&D 5E Feywild adventure September

    Ah, thanks. On mobile so didn’t see.
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    D&D 5E Feywild adventure September

    I’m sure folk have seen this but I saw this on Amazon today - released September. The Wild beyond the Witchlight, a feyland adventure for 5e.
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    D&D General My Problem(s) With Halflings, and How To Create Engaging/Interesting Fantasy Races

    Check out this product on DM’s Guild that addresses the whole Halfling dilemma
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    D&D 5E Martials v Casters...I still don't *get* it.

    Didn’t Ashley Johnson from Critical Role play a character in SKT’s limited series of play throughs that was basically an artificer whose spells were skinned as little gizmos?
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    D&D 5E "Has anyone converted (x) to 5e?"

    I’ve run original Ravenloft module and When a Star Falls module for 5e but very much ad hoc. I liked that Ravenloft was, what, a couple of months’ worth of weekly sessions rather than a year-plus long campaign - getting dragged into the weird demiplane and out back to normality (albeit at a...
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    D&D 5E My Wizard Needs an Assistant! Who could it be?

    If your Assistant was tied to the tower somehow - a magical Alexa built in to the fabric of the building. In order to demonstrate physical things - such as somatic spell materials, how to use a knife and fork at a wizarding convocation, etc - it could activate either an Unseen Servant aspect or...
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    D&D Movie/TV The D&D Movie Has Begun Filming!

    Sitting there comparing iron rations while debating the usefulness of a ten foot pole. Interrupted by the arrival of their elvish friend who’s 127 years old but gets treated like a teenager. “Tavern?” “Tavern.”
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    D&D Movie/TV The D&D Movie Has Begun Filming!

    I just wish we could have Mackenzie Crook write a D&D movie. D&Detectorists. Only, about the fantasy characters, not the real world ones and their hobby. Lance and Andy as a fighter and a rogue, stolidly exploring kobold-infested dungeons and never finding a dragon, while a rival party plot to...
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    D&D Movie/TV The D&D Movie Has Begun Filming!

    They’re gonna take the idea of the bard from the Witcher and ruuuuuuuuuuuun with it, aren’t they? “Roll your di-ice for your Fighter, oh nat-u-ral twenty”