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    How do your hobbies or job change the way you play D&D?

    I am a teacher. Prepping for the next session has a lot in common with lesson planning.
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    The Building Blocks of Oz-Inspired American Fantasy RPGs

    The Scarecrow would also serve as The Puritan, just based off of different values than the Tin Man. This is especially shown in the second book, where he is king of OZ before they discover Kip and return him to his proper persona of Princess Ozma.
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    The Building Blocks of Oz-Inspired American Fantasy RPGs

    I grew up on OZ and in fact have 40 of the books, all in hardback, and most first edition. (A few have needed to be replaced after surviving four generations of readers.) I would play an RPG based in this setting in a heartbeat.
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    Do you prefer your character to be connected or unconnected to the adventure hook?

    I prefer to be connected if you join in the beginning, because it builds buy-in to the story. Rerolled characters, though, just need to be melded to the current group and situation.
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    5E D&D Inclusivity for People with Disabilities

    More than creating a character with disabilities, I wish the published material was more color-blind friendly. My son has the rarest form of color blindness there is, and can't see blue at all. Blue on white look the same to him, yellow and green, and red and purple. Because of this, a lot of...
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    General Campaign Set Ups

    I think it would be awesome as a player, but beyond my skills as a DM.
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    5E messy's 5e newbie questions thread

    We just ignore that part of the drow heritage. My players are new enough that it's best to give them less to remember.
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    General Why Exploration Is the Worst Pillar

    This is what I am going to try for the wagon train portion of Horde of the Dragon Queen, with the exception that each character can choose to do something each day if they want to -- reminding them that those choices will slow down that part of the journey. Sometimes that will be a good thing...
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    Tyranny of Dragons

    Adventuring Group Thoradin Ironfist -- Shield Dwarf, Paladin, Alignment: Lawful Good -- Level 4 Kaya -- Uthgardian Barbian: Elk Tribe, Ranger, Alignment: Chaotic Good -- Level 4 Thokk -- Half Orc, Fighter, Alignment: Chaotic Neutral -- Level 3 Thia “Goldpetal” Xiloscient -- Drow, Monk -- Level...
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    5E House Rules for Two Players

    Having one DMPC isn't that difficult. Having two is. I was really glad when my kids could start picking up more than one character. As far as roleplaying multiple characters, DMs do it all the time. As soon as they get the hang of announcing who is doing the talking/decision making things work...
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    5E House Rules for Two Players

    As a DM, I take on a character too. Also, as others have said, have the player(s) run multiple characters.
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    5E Sword Coast Adventures v Xanathar's Guide

    I would get both, but the Sword Coast book is more valuable if you are just getting one of them.
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    General How Was Your Last Session?

    I need to get caught up. That sounds like a lot of fun!