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    D&D General I hate pdfs, and I'm happy that WOTC primarily publishes Books

    When it comes down to it, if there's only one option available I can always print out what I need from a PDF without worry. But I do love my physical DCC collection.
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    Transcending the mundane. How to make martial classes epic.

    Just give 'em Mighty Deeds
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    City adventures in very low-magic fantasy

    Check out the DCC Lankhmar adventures. Gang wars, heists, theatre plays, there's some good stuff to be found in there.
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    D&D General Railroads, Illusionism, and Participationism

    I'm not even old and it just makes me kind of befuddled. If they're gonna arbitrarily end combat when you like, why make players roll all those dice in the first place? Just... narrate the battle being won?
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    D&D General Thaco the angry clown... really?

    Is it a major issue? Seems more like 3-4 people complaining about it in an internet forum.
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    5.5E 4e design in 5.5e ?

    It's not a bother, it's just a different mindset. One that is more interested in seeing what the dice give you, and making the best out of those results. And as a player, not having to worry about builds is pretty nice instead I can focus on "building" my character through the items, knowledge...
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    5.5E 4e design in 5.5e ?

    Yep. The point of the funnel is not only to pick up the pieces that remain and have them be Level 1's, but to have fun watching unlucky peasants get destroyed in all sorts of ways!
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    In Defence of Chickens [IC]

    Talia Eastmoor, Noble She examines the door, squinting at it. "Looks heavy. Perhaps we should wait until the rest have finished doing whatever it is they're occupying themselves with before checking this strange tower's insides..." She leans against the wall, and then spots Vasha and Ranken...
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    In Defence of Chickens [IC]

    Talia and Koby They follow the tracks to the tower and stand before the door, seeing that others are already examining the well. "Fleetfoot" Mac, Squire He stops as he hears the voices, looking all around. "What in the...? Alice, perhaps you should step away from the well!" Mac is hesitant to...
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    In Defence of Chickens [IC]

    Talia Eastmoor, Noble She taps the wet stones with her sword, and then shakes her head. "Not worth the head injury, I'm afraid." She walks up to Koby, wondering what the orphan's getting up to and heeding his call, and looks at the tracks as well. "Strange. Where do they lead to...?" With a...
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    D&D General List the 3 Coolest Parts of Your Homebrew World

    1) The Rainbow Archipelago are the remains of the Florida Peninsula in the future after it was destroyed by the God of Natural Calamities following a ritual-gone-wrong. 2) Travel is locked down by a ring of storms that surrounds the islands, causing rainbows to be seen in the distance at most...
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    In Defence of Chickens [IC]

    Talia Eastmoor, Noble Talia whirls around looking back at the gate, and nearly trips when turning at the sound of the bell! It looks a bit silly in the moment, so she hopes no one's looking and composes herself by standing up straight and clearing her throat, "Our 'hosts' seem to be well aware...
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    D&D General Oddball mentions of D&D in popular culture.

    Fate/Stay Night uses 9 point alignment for all of its Servants for some reason