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Recent content by thegrognard

  1. thegrognard

    Ultimate Equipment, thoughts?

    The only way this product will fail is if they club a baby kitten with it and put its blood-soaked pages on the shelf.
  2. thegrognard

    The D&D Next Playtest Begins...

    Thought I'd give it a try. Logging in with my account: no passwords work, and I can't change it without calling Customer Service. Tried creating new account, but the User Agreement window does not show up so I can't check the box to continue. Oh well, at least I had some beers while trying...
  3. thegrognard

    The D&D Next Playtest Begins...

    No luck. Oh damn, guess I'm going to have to crack a beer and enjoy the weekend and worry about it Monday after the neckbeard bleating is over with. :D
  4. thegrognard

    Playtest Package Contents

    I'm digging it, can't wait. As long as we get to roll some dice and have some fun, it can't be all that bad, right?
  5. thegrognard

    D&D 3.5 Reprints in September?

    Don't think there was anything 'official' but and unofficial one exists and pretty much should be: http://www.acaeum.com/library/cyclopedia_errata.pdf
  6. thegrognard

    Bet you wish your workplace looked like WotC?

    Here's the page from the artist herself: Kim Graham's Gallery He's a character from Magic.
  7. thegrognard

    Bet you wish your workplace looked like WotC?

    Actually, it's Dakkon Blackblade. He collects dust like there's no tomorrow when he's sitting in the front window of a mall store. They sold off the one at the Mall of America, a guy in Minneapolis bought it and it can be seen in Fear of Girls 2.
  8. thegrognard

    D&D 4E What's the point of playing 4e now?

    Still will play the 4E system for our Super Hero and Gamma World games, but never got on board with it for Fantasy. D&D Rules Cyclopedia 4ever!!
  9. thegrognard

    D&D 5E 5e pre announced?

    I weep for all the nerdrage on the horizon. That must have been one short 5E board-meeting: "It worked for Paizo, so we can do it too!"
  10. thegrognard

    D&D 5E What big thing is supposed to be next week?

    Already been done and buried with the CCG. And if memory serves me correctly, they had to produce the Looney Tunes CCG in order to get the HP License. :eek:
  11. thegrognard

    Would you pay to play?

    Pay to play? No way! Hell they should be paying me for running games for them, but don't. Besides, I get all my stuff online at a sweet discount and have a gameroom in the basement with a bar. Hell, I should start charging then. ;)