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    General Who gives demons/devils their (true) name?

    If devils are souls that were once evil humanoids somewhere on a material plane then it’s cool if a devils truename can be discovered from its origin. That of the soul it once was. We know that names are linked to souls, tomb stones, or memorial plaques, even war memorials or cenotaph embody...
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    5E Planescape to languish in purgatory?

    And so it begins again... 🙈
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    Building a settlement from scratch, how much progress by month?

    A palisade and the earthworks to support them is a massive undertaking involving chopping down hundreds of trees of the right size and thickness and would be balanced against identified threats. Unless it was known that the area was particularly dangerous I don’t think this would take precedence...
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    General Towns & Taverns Coming From Loke Battlemaps

    Save your money, buy yourself an A3 colour printer and a £15 laminator.
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    Tasha's Cauldron of Everything: An In-Depth Review

    Ok that is a big change. Attack + GFB + bonus action spell + reaction is a pretty nice combo.
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    Tasha's Cauldron of Everything: An In-Depth Review

    Has the bladesinger changed significantly from the Sword Coast Adventures version?
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    5E Planescape to languish in purgatory?

    I was referring specifically to the evil Orcs argument which believe me has been done to death thrice over and became extremely decisive. I see no issues discussing old settings. I’m in my 40’s and have been playing D&D since I was 10. I don’t know if that qualifies me as old guard or new but...
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    General what's your favorite starting town?

    My two favourites would be... Sandpoint from Rise of the Runelords. A great starting point. Big but not too big. Lots going on in, under and around. NPCs get brougbt back in a fair bit across the series. I repurposed it as First Tower in Eberron and it works well. Second favourite is Dagger...
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    5E Planescape to languish in purgatory?

    Woah... this is an argument that has been beaten to death, resurrected, rode into the dust and then beaten until collapse. Do we really want to bring it up again here!
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    5E Planescape to languish in purgatory?

    Ahh, well maybe if they did release a Planescape campaign that was minable for nuggets for your own adventures maybe it might tempt you.
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    5E Planescape to languish in purgatory?

    Unfortunately though, if you won’t buy any more books, why on earth would you expect them to produce a book to support an out of print setting?
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    5E Planescape to languish in purgatory?

    Torment was a mediocre, clunky, not really d&d, game system that had an amazing, deep, thought provoking, profound and clever story wrapped around it. You could move the Torment story to any edition and any engine and it would be amazing. It was always going to be a hard act to follow. In the...
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    5E Planescape to languish in purgatory?

    I think ‘extremely faerunised’ is a massive exaggeration and doesn’t even make much sense. The NPCs are tormented and dark and quite out of place in the Faerun setting. The dark powers don’t match the originals and yet are a good approximation, quite cleverly including elements of 4e that...
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    5E Old Vexed Question: All too Important Dexterity Stat and Finesse Weapons, namely the Rapier

    I’ve definitely seen a swing towards Dex over strength at the several tables I play at. Not exclusively but overwhelmingly - 75-80%