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Recent content by TheYeti1775

  1. TheYeti1775

    Converted T1-T4

    Yup. I've run it in both 1E and 3.5E. The conversion is good, just power levels don't translate that well though. So you have to pay attention to your characters power compared to the rebuild of the conversion. One thing you might consider is picking up the Return to the Temple of Elemental...
  2. TheYeti1775

    D&D 5E Curse of Strahd - revenants

    In the CoS game I'm running the Revenants seem focused on the Druid. He went the Shapechanger route focused on the Wolf. So he is the appropriate target of their rage against Strahd. But they have only encountered one so far. They are getting ready to go to where they come from though.
  3. TheYeti1775

    D&D 5E 5E - Curse of Strahd - It's a Meat Grinder for my group

    Curse of Strahd has been a meat grinder on characters so far through 8 sessions of play. 6 Players (2 added later). (4 - 8 sessions, 1 - 2 Sessions(6&8), 1 - 1 Session(8)) None of the Original 4 PC's are left. Six PC's dead. 1 PC/NPC she was being used by the PC's as a supplemental. 1 NPC...
  4. TheYeti1775

    D&D 5E 5E - Curse of Strahd - PC gone darkside

    So DMing our usual Wednesday night game for one of the few times ever a PC has gone over to the evil side of things and didn't start that way. Character background: PC is a Elven Sorcerer and Daughter of Arms Major of Myth Drannor (Father was a PC in a past game, so was the Aunt) so had a great...
  5. TheYeti1775

    D&D 5E 5E - Curing Lycanthropy

    So running 'Curse of Strahd' a random encounter had two of the PC's bitten by werewolves. They don't have access to 'Remove Curse' as of yet. After much researching around the interwebs for 5E Lycanthropy (surprisingly little other than OP boards saying get bit by a Werebear), I came up with...
  6. TheYeti1775

    New Class idea: Demigod class

    You can try this one. It's a 20 Level breakdown of Divine Rank 0 for 3rd Edition. Friend and I came up with it due to a campaign we were playing and the characters were eventually replacing the dying deities of the campaign. The 20 Levels represent the 20 Outsider Hit Dice the majority of...
  7. TheYeti1775

    Best psion discipline for offence?

    I've been playing a Kineticist and it's function more like a blaster mage.
  8. TheYeti1775

    What made you stick with 3.x?

    Simple answer - Money and satisfaction. I've bought a lot of 3x books, and I'm fairly happy with it. Longer answer 4E didn't grab me one bit, which one of my friends finds funny cause I love Star Wars Saga edition. But generally dislike Book of Nine Swords in 3e. I tried 4e didn't like it...
  9. TheYeti1775

    Unauthorized And Unlicensed But Sometimes Acceptable RPGs?

    I think we can all agree the Copyright laws could use a good revamping. My personal thoughts on it: Personally I think it should be creator only(individual non-corporation), and in 25yr licensing chunks. The creator holds all rights to the work automatically for 25yrs. This can be renewed for...
  10. TheYeti1775

    D&D 3E/3.5 HeroForge Anew (D&D 3.5 Character Builder)

    Not really a bug, more of a need. Situation: Creating an Epic character transferring from 1E to 3.5E. The character is a 50th level character in class levels. Basically a 30 Cleric / 20 Wizard I was using Prestige Classes to help round it out for the Flavor. I created: Cleric 5 (PHB) / Divine...
  11. TheYeti1775

    Saga houserules?

    Some of ours: Force Points - Are per play session. Roll 1d4 + Cha Modifier (unless you have Strong with the Force then it's 1d6 + Cha Modifier) Makes for more crazy stuff. But it applies to the bad guys as well. Bonus Feat: Jedi / Solider get Martial Arts I as a bonus feat The other...
  12. TheYeti1775

    Character Building Tools

    For 3.5, find a copy of the last version of HeroForge if you have Excel. It's a great tool. You also have the old Etools and it's various craziness. But I wouldn't recommend it. For 2E, there is an Old Old software called Core Rules 2.0 and an Expansion to it as well. It goes for a crazy...
  13. TheYeti1775

    Ideas for a corrupt but liked ruler

    I think one of my current characters might qualify for your ruler. 28th level Lawful Evil Cleric of Ishtar (1st Ed), he became king via force of power. While he is willing to do great evils he rules like a Lawful Neutral. The island country is flourishing but things he does on the side that...
  14. TheYeti1775

    Would You Get A D&D Tattoo?

    I wouldn't go with the ampersand myself. I agree it would have looked better with the black outline. I have a few tattoos myself, the closet to a D&D one I have it my Yeti on the back shoulder. I got the nickname in the Marine Corps from another friend of mine that was into the novels. If I...
  15. TheYeti1775

    How many people do you know who haven't switched to 5e, and why haven't they?

    Or there is option 4) None of the above. Neither hate or love WotC. I bought the 5E books. And I play in multiple editions and games. Mainly we don't play it cause no one really wants to learn another set of rules.