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    Chicago Gameday 38 is June 14th at Games Plus in Mt. Prospect, IL

    Time: Afternoon (3:30 p.m.) Game system: InSpectres Event Title: Ghostbusters? Never heard of em... Description: Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night? Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic? Have you or your family ever seen a spook, spectre...
  2. TracerBullet42

    Pathfinder 1E Little Shop of Horrors: The Blatant Ripoff Edition

    Greetings! I'm going to be running a one-shot this weekend and have a fun idea (in my opinion) for an adventure, but I could use a little help bolstering it. Here's the basic premise: A "find familiar" ritual has gone horribly awry, and the familar has taken the wizard on as its familiar...
  3. TracerBullet42

    Exhibit Hall info?

    What hours are the exhibit hall open? (I've tried to find this info on the GenCon site...but have not had luck...)
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    Help from those familiar with Louisiana

    Hello ENWorld! I have some friends who are getting married this weekend and will be living in Thibedeaux (I'm sure I spelled that wrong), Louisiana. As a wedding gift, several of us are just pitching some cash together to give them enough money for a weekend getaway a few months down the road...
  5. TracerBullet42

    Help me find that dungeon generator please!!!

    So I remember seeing a thread here not too long ago that had a link to a dungeon generator in it. I thought to myself, "Oooh, I really should bookmark that." Alas, I did not and am now having trouble finding it. Any chance a brother could get a little help?
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    I feel dirty for posting this, but...(monster critique)

    For reasons that aren't necessarily important, I've decided to stat up a d20 Pikachu and would like some critiques. What do you think? PIKACHU CR 9 CE Tiny Demon Rat Outsider (Extraplanar) Init +8; Senses darkvision 60 ft., Listen +8, Spot+8 Languages PIKA-PIKA...
  7. TracerBullet42

    Mystic Theurge w/ familiar

    I've got a player in my Savage Tide game who is working towards the Mystic Theurge prestige class. He's now at 5th level (cleric3/wizard2) and has yet to summon a familiar. He's hesitant to do so because he knows that the familiar is going to "peak" at it's abilities with only 3 wizard levels...
  8. TracerBullet42

    New use for familiar?

    A player in my Savage Tide campaign (not even the wizard character in the group) asked me an interesting question: "Could a talking parrot familiar be taught to cast a prepared spell with a verbal trigger? It would probably have to be a stored prepared spell, such as in a wand or scroll, but...
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    Dice Roller

    Howdy folks...got a favor. My google-fu is lacking and I thought the wondeful people of ENWorld could help. I'm looking for a dice roller that I can use on my laptop, and I'm wanting one that makes the sounds of dice rolling when you roll the dice. I figure there's got to be one out there...
  10. TracerBullet42

    Fill my bag of holding!

    So I'm putting a bag of holding in to the treasure pile for the group to find. An empty bag of holding isn't much fun, though, so I want to put random stuff in it. So what should come pouring out when my player dumps it out? (Nothing too powerful...let's keep it mundane, but interesting...
  11. TracerBullet42

    I almost cried...

    So during last night's game session, it finally happened. One of the players cried out, "ACK! YOU BASTARD!" It was a beautiful moment for me in my young GM-ing career. I feel that I've finally arrived. That's all.
  12. TracerBullet42

    Help me, I'm an idiot (help with Excel)

    So, I'm trying to setup some stuff on an Excel spreadsheet to help with keep track of things in my ongoing D&D campaign. The problem that I'm having is something so minor, but it'd easy my mind if I got it working. Here's the deal... One of the characters in the game is named Idae. Everytime...
  13. TracerBullet42

    Photoshop help?

    Ok, I've made a request here once before and received excellent help (Thanks, Turanil!), so I'll give it another shot. I have no photoshopping skills whatsoever. Nor do I even have a photoshop program. But I have a request for someone who has these skills and would like to put a little gas in...
  14. TracerBullet42

    XP question

    So the party is fighting a woman and her pet. During the fight, the kill the pet first, then focus on her. She manages to animate the pet, and the party has to kill it again. Eventually, they win the fight. Does the party get double the xp for killing the pet twice?
  15. TracerBullet42

    Bask in my reflected joy!!!

    I just got my hands on a copy of the original Ghostbusters RPG core ruleset. It...is...AWESOME! I've run a Ghostbusters game once before, but it was only with a vague idea of how the system works. I spent a few hours today pouring over the books and it is such great fun! There's even...