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    Besides D&D, what are you playing?

    HERO 6e post-apocalypse (Torg, Rifts, and Cthulhu write a screenplay with Christopher Nolan directing...). The setting is a home-brew creation of a brilliant mind and GM. Having a blast playing in it. I'm running a Stars Without Number sandbox where a lost colony, facing the destruction of...
  2. TreChriron

    TORG: Eternity Who has played it?

    I played in a virtual game this weekend at Con of Champions. I really enjoyed it. The cards are fun and add cool ideas or roleplaying opportunities. The combat was fast. The system is not overly complex, with lots of options. Cool pregens out of the book which shows devs play their own game. The...
  3. TreChriron

    Pathfinder 2 GM Experience

    Yeah, Thanks for the posts people! I sincerely appreciate your thoughts. As an aside, like to point out that "secret rolls" are not new. GURPS has had them for decades. Many other games too. I noticed that Paizo pulled in some cool tricks from other games and it's super cool of them. They also...
  4. TreChriron

    Seattle WA SWADE Sci-Fi SAT Eve Weekly

    Still recruiting players!!
  5. TreChriron

    How do you access EN World?

    Ouija Board. Lowest latency, funnest results.
  6. TreChriron

    Pathfinder 2 GM Experience

    Wow. The title of this post is somewhat misleading, no? Probably should have been "Paizo shills own AP in GM Section and I don't like it". I give extra kudos to @Kel Ardan for including the content I was expecting in the thread... 💖 So, anyone else have actual GM experiences with the game...
  7. TreChriron

    Seattle WA SWADE Sci-Fi SAT Eve Weekly

    Looking for regular players in Seattle, WA for a SAT game 5 - 11pm. The setting info is still being cobbled together from my brain --> Explorer Corps You can learn more about MSG here --> Metro Seattle Gamers - Metro Seattle Gamers (I have several slots available on my group membership and...
  8. TreChriron

    WotC WotC will do what you say for 5 years. What are your instructions?

    1) Create a Core D&D with a little more crunch ala HERO. Medium crunch, not as number heavy. This would be the foundation. 1a) Publish the SRD of the Core online and free basic no-frills PDF so designers can make new things for D&D that are easily measured against one another. This should be the...
  9. TreChriron

    'Front Page News' rss feed

    EnWorld currates a RPG news site - RPGNEWS.COM. This has an RSS feed. Should be less noisy as the new site (which is spamming articles as far back as 2015 at the moment...) :-D
  10. TreChriron

    Front Page Login Strangeness

    Another bug. The front page doesn't show me logged in. When I navigate to say Community, I'm logged in. It tricked me to login every time but I'm wise to the robot's tricks now. You won't make me jump like a monkey robot!
  11. TreChriron

    PF2E Complexity vs. Depth -- A Look Inside Pathfinder 2nd Edition

    Sounds more realistic (for shields). Also, wear and tear of equipment, weapons and armor should be a regular part of the classic D&D experience. What else are you going to do with all that money?
  12. TreChriron

    WOIN NEW Starship Design Google Sheet

    Access restored - see post above.
  13. TreChriron

    PF2E Here's The Official Pathfinder 2E Character Sheet

    What happened to the cool radio buttons for proficiency (I really liked that look)? I agree, it's jarring. Maybe just have more free-form areas to write in feats and features? The color is hideous. The printer-friendly sheet is too busy, makes my head hurt.
  14. TreChriron

    [Seattle Area][Offline] Seattle RPG Carousel Seeking Two More RPG-onauts!

    Do you like a bunch of different RPGs? Tired of buying all these games and never having a chance to play them?!?! Us too! We are currently 5 RPG-onauts exploring the world of RPGs. Come join the mission! We will be switching games/GMs every 8 - 12 sessions. Meeting weekly or bi-weekly on SAT...