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I'm a business management major living and learning SFSU, and unfortunately a super-senior! I'm most proficient in Pathfinder, for which I have a ton of books for (including books for GMing). Prefer roleplay over combat, but I enjoy a good fight as well as any other player. Prefer casters in general and wizards in specific. Decidedly lawful evil (it comes with the degree), but I can play any Lawful character sanely and proficiently. Idly dream of running my own home-brew campaign, but would rather honestly play.

Currently available every day but Tues/Thurs. Prefer Fridays and Saturdays in the evening. Non-drinker, non-smoker.Please keep your ostensibly legal medical marijuana hidden, I'd rather not have to turn you in to the Feds. Will probably not be available over Spring or Summer break this year.

Agender, queer, militantly atheist but wise enough to keep quiet about it.
United States