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Recent content by Triskaideka

  1. Triskaideka

    [LPF] The Ringling Affair

    "Opinions matter if you care about the impression you make on the person with the opinion. If you do not, it is a non-issue. Since in practice one does not really interact much with the vast number of people one might make an impression on, then yes, I agree in principle." Harkoz's tone was very...
  2. Triskaideka

    Proposal: Transcendental Imperium - Custom Deity

    (Reposted this from the Social Group since I was told few people check there.) Throwing this out as a potential deity for my in-progress character, Harkoz. Nothing I saw in the current deity lists really struck me as something that would appeal to him. Let me know what you guys think: Deity...
  3. Triskaideka

    Used Scrolls?

    So while looking over the section on scrolls to figure out scroll costs, I noticed that it mentions that scrolls are "a heavy sheet of fine vellum or high-quality paper" and that it is "placed in a tube of ivory, jade, leather, metal, or wood". The CRB only says that the "writing vanishes from...