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Recent content by Ulfgeir

  1. Ulfgeir

    RPG Crowdfunding News – Vault of Magic, Good Society, Temples & Tombs, and more

    Backed the Good Society kickstarter for the new deck. Have everything else, but still haven't got to play it. Compared to The Dune Rose, I think Good Society has the advantage on the setting, as I think a Jane Austen-setting is much easier to get into due to films and tv-series than the...
  2. Ulfgeir

    On Fantasy Grounds D&D Increases Dominance To 71%

    Astral VTT is also quite new. Would be interesting so see their stats as well. I was a bit surprised about the number of Savage Worlds-game on Fantasy-Grounds.
  3. Ulfgeir

    Best RPG system for Western Tropes and Setting?

    What is your definition of handling these things well in your opinion? Is it quickness/complexity of play? If it is complexity, well, then I would suggest the game Western (Swedish game being translated to English. They are way late though).
  4. Ulfgeir

    D&D 5E New D&D Hardcover To Be Announced On The 23rd (Tomorrow)?

    I see the same here in Sweden.
  5. Ulfgeir

    Best Threequel

    Thor: Ragnarok is fine when they are in Valhalla fighting Hela, but the comedy-stuff with Hulk before that I could have done without.
  6. Ulfgeir

    Best Threequel

    Batman Forever The Dark Knight rises
  7. Ulfgeir

    Best Threequel

    Wasn't IV the one where they went back in time to collect a whale? Personally I thought that was the weakest of the old movies.
  8. Ulfgeir

    Best Threequel

    Star Trek?
  9. Ulfgeir

    Mars Rover Perseverance Landing today, 2/18

    Missed the landing. Cool stuff though. Hope they can perform incredible science. Or should that be credible science? :)
  10. Ulfgeir

    Worlds of Design: Game Design Rules of Thumb - Part 1

    Form Follows Function Design the rules so that they actually support the intended setting, and that the cool examples you have in your setting-text are actually possible to achieve for a normal player character. This also means that if you want player characters to behave in a certain way to...
  11. Ulfgeir

    Super hero tone and changing times

    Cute little enemy, multiplying rapidly... Oh wait, that's tribbles. Close enough for goverment work. ;)
  12. Ulfgeir

    How Online Collaboration is Opening a World of Southeast Asian RPGs

    Yup. CoC is the biggest game in Japan, and apparently they sell more of CoC there than the rest of the world combined... Link: Dicebreaker
  13. Ulfgeir

    How Online Collaboration is Opening a World of Southeast Asian RPGs

    Interesting article. Don't plan on buying those games, but always interesting to learn what kind of weird games are out there.
  14. Ulfgeir

    D&D 5E Mythological Figures: Snow White

    At last the one form the stories. ;) If we are talking the Snow White from the comic Fables, then she would definitively be much higher level.
  15. Ulfgeir

    Super hero tone and changing times

    I don't really read superhero comics now, but wasn't there quite recently a long series of Captain America, where he was actually a Hydra-agent, and had always been such. Granted it was due to reality having been rewritten through the Tessaract if I understood it correctly.