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    D&D 5E Monte Cook's Ptolus Kickstarter Has Launched

    I tend to back everything Monte Cook Games kickstarts. I‘ve yet to be disappointed :). Phenomenal writing, art, production quality, imagination. And typically on time, which is astounding for most kickstarters :) Backed at the 5e print level.
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    D&D General Your favorite PC?

    In 5e? A moon Druid wild elf named Wren Pin-Awen. Shared character with my daughter, which allows for shared memories. Any edition? 2e were tiger Druid. Over the top and a blast to play.
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    Spelljammer Is Spelljammer Coming To D&D 5E?

    As an Aerospace Engineer and someone who has played all versions of D&D since 1979, I can say that Spelljammer is by far the most intriguing setting I have ever played. I very much hope this happens :). The geek in me is crying tears of anticipatory joy :)
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    Dreams of Aerie: Bruce Heard's Circus in the Sky!

    Backed every Calidar book so far. Truly amazing writing and wonderful resources. Definitely will back this one as well :)
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    D&D 5E Movies that make you want to play D&D

    This may not be everyone's cup-o-tea, but: Just watched Maleficent with my daughter. I seriously get the Druid vibe from the movie. Makes me want to play a Druid in a campaign :)
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    Psion class home brew

    I actually like where you are going with it. One quick question: I do not see an Alter Self-like ability for the metabolist. Seems to be a good moderately low level ability for them. I have tried a few playtest sessions (just two of us, so not a lot of group action unfortunately). I like the...
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    [UPDATED AGAIN!] CURSE OF STRAHD Will Be Available March 15th

    Loved Ravenloft (#3 after Spelljammer and Forgotten Realms) :) Just pre-ordered on Amazon. Yay!
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    Bruce Heard's next Calidar Book

    Bruce Heard's next Calidar book is live on Kickstarter :) Considering the quality of the first book (of which I was a backer), it is good to see him continue this series.
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    When A Game Store Goes Above And Beyond

    A prime example of my own foolishness... I should have investigated the company / individual before backing the Kickstarter for the Traveller DVD. I will excuse myself as my love of Traveller clouded my cognitive abilities :) Nah. I was just gullibly foolish :) At lease these companies are...
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    Your Move? Kickstarter and the Evolution of Game Crowdfunding

    Though I have learned my lesson the hard way with Kickstarter (several still-open backed game projects approaching 3 years old...), my insatiable hunger for gaming related products still prompt me to visit the site regularly... Foolishly, perhaps. I have backed several projects I am immensely...
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    [5e] Binder Class

    Remarkable detail. A cursory review does not show any obvious game breaking issues. By contrast, a few vestiges may be a tad underpowered. However, I really, really like the feel of this. I plan to playtest this soon. Our group plays a standard campaign every two weeks and plays one-offs in...
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    D&D 5E Converting Psionics to 5e?

    My personal desire is to see psionic rules that are not just one more kind of magic. That seems so... ordinary... to me :) As if fantastic magic can be ordinary. One of the primary reasons I would like to see Wizards actually step up and develop psionic rules is that we might get something...
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    D&D 5E What does 5E NEED

    Not to beat a dead horse... And my apologies to horses everywhere... But I really need comprehensive psionic rules. Something within the current rule-set framework of D&D5E, but something "different" from magic (just an example: minor psionics follow similar rules as cantrips. Devotions cost...
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    ELEMENTAL EVIL Player's Companion - FREE!

    Love the content. Love the art. Also (in my humble uneducated opinion) logical to exclude new cleric spells (wouldn't this be a non-issue if they would simply implement a "spells known" number or a spell list by deity / focus??). Absolutely love the spells, especially the return of many old...