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    D&D 5E Check out Fizban's Alternate Cover!

    or just "Whole Lotta Dragons", it's snappier.
  2. Uta-napishti

    D&D 5E WotC Takes Control of D&D Translations

    I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just noting you're advancing the same "but these products are so different" argument that every entrenched product makes vs simpler to use competitor. Note sure if pretzels keep you from telling a rich, detailed story -- probably depends on the amount of the...
  3. Uta-napishti

    D&D 5E Do We Really Need a Lot of Gold? (D&D 5th Edition)

    You don't need needy NPCs all the time, many magical PCs burn money. If one of your players is a wizard who likes to have access to a wide variety of magic, they can suck everyone in the party's gold dry all by themselves just copying spells. The Cleric on the other hand gets access to every...
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    D&D 5E WotC Takes Control of D&D Translations

    The first German translation I had in my hands was in 2018, so maybe it was cleaned up somewhat by then. I have never seen the earlier edition stuff in German, but I was initially surprised how few terms were carried over from English. Maybe because Ulisses was attuned to German RPG terms, they...
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    D&D 5E WotC Takes Control of D&D Translations

    I am a transplant to Germany, and not an old timer, but I see as roughly as much D&D being played here as DSA (in Berlin at least). I think the biggest difference in from the U.S. may just be there is no clear "majority" system in Germany anymore. DSA, D&D and everything else each seem about a...
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    D&D 5E Split the adv die, idea for a mechanic, advise please.

    Samurai Fighter Level 15: Rapid Strike XGE p31 Starting at 15th level, you learn to trade accuracy for swift strikes. If you take the Attack action on your turn and have advantage on an attack roll against one of the targets, you can forgo the advantage for that roll to make an additional weapon...
  7. Uta-napishti

    D&D 5E Best out of combat class features?

    The Knowledge Cleric's Channel Divinity to become proficient in any skill is really nice.
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    D&D 5E Removing the 6 Abilities, looking for peer reviews

    This is probably ultimately true, but what's cool about hacking an existing game that you know really well is that you have a good "feel" for what you want to change and how it might alter the dynamics. 5E is also a well known game that you can get a lot of opinionated feedback on :). It's the...
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    D&D General Assumed Lore/Sacred Cows you've changed +

    I just want to bump this dead thread to say this one point is just kick-ass brilliant @AcererakTriple6 ! Fey are the physical embodiments of emotions, whether they be "good" or "bad" emotions. Hags are the embodiments of disgust, Meenlocks are the embodiments of fear, and Redcaps are the...
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    D&D 5E Removing the 6 Abilities, looking for peer reviews

    Hi @Ace37 Presentation & Clarity: I think that you do need to clear up the formatting, presentation and number of run on sentences first, and then repost this. Try to keep one idea per paragraph as well. Present a high level sketch of your idea in 3 sentences / bullet points. Then expand on...
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    D&D General Assumed Lore/Sacred Cows you've changed +

    I tend to like a game of political intrigue and geographical and cultural exploration rather than a heavy emphasis on magic and the supernatural. Yes it's still D&D but... Magic is rare and hard to master (no automatic learning of spells when you level, you have to be taught, or practice, or...
  12. Uta-napishti

    We're giving away our 246-page homebrew compendium, The Elements and Beyond, for free!

    First of all, this is an amazing amount of work. Thank you so much for putting this out there! The art is really well chosen and calibrated to the 5E art style to within a whisker. Am doubtful that a list of credits at the end consitutes a right to distribute these artist's work, whether you...
  13. Uta-napishti

    Dragon Reflections #40

    @JonM , was reading through Barrows & Beasts, and I really like it. Fun & Simple.
  14. Uta-napishti

    D&D 5E Epic Monsters: Mad Hatter

    Don't worry about teleporting / regen . A simpler way to accomplish a Schödingers turn is just to play both alternatives out and choose. Quantum Turn (Recharge 5–6) On his turn the Hatter instead plays out two turns as alternate possibilities to each other. At the end of playing out both...
  15. Uta-napishti

    D&D General Survivor 5E - Tasha's Subclases - Druid Circle of the Stars outshines the rest!

    Artificer Armorer 23 Artificer Battle Smith 12 Barbarian Path of the Beast 14 - 2 = 12 ( what's this here behind the fridge? ) Cleric Order Domain 24 Cleric Twilight Domain 26 Druid Circle of Stars 28 Druid Circle of Wildfire 27 Fighter Rune Knight 27 Paladin Oath of the Watchers 17 Ranger Fey...