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Recent content by vdal

  1. vdal

    EN Publishing Staff Changes At EN Publishing

    Congratulations to you both on your new positions!
  2. vdal

    Podcast Special Episode: Swords of the Serpentine Actual Play with Kevin Kulp

    Great Actual play Morrus. Loved the characters you and Peter played! I'm looking forward to picking up Swords of the Serpentine when it's released.
  3. vdal

    Pathfinder 2E Are you moving from 5E to PF2?

    I think we will probably make the switch. I’d like to run a one-shot for my group to see what they think. I’d like to see some pre-gens from Paizo so that we can get right into a scenario. I like that there are more options in character creation and a more tactical combat system. I really like...
  4. vdal

    Podcast #60 TimeWatch and Swords of the Serpentine with Kevin Kulp

    I will look forward to listening. I love listening to the podcast and enjoyed your interview of Kevin Kulp.
  5. vdal

    We are back!

    I like the new look. It looks much cleaner. And it is faster.
  6. vdal

    Podcast #60 TimeWatch and Swords of the Serpentine with Kevin Kulp

    Now I’m really looking forward to Swords of the Serpentine. I’m interested in seeing how Gumshoe will handle fantasy.
  7. vdal

    D&D Miniatures Handbook

    I haven't had a look through this book since 3.5 arrived. My question is, with a new D&D Mini's starter box and a new series of mini's, does the Miniatures Handbook have any relevance now? Vidal