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Recent content by Wallraven

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    RPG Crowdfunding News – Age of Ambition, MaricopaCon, ZineQuest 2, and more

    Now, I'm not the target market, but... those metal pride dice are ugly! The plastic pride dice, that are more widely available, actually look good. Especially the translucent ones. But metal dice with multiple stripes of enamel (or is it paint)? Ugh!
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    D&D Movie/TV Casting Begins Soon For D&D Movie?

    That's what happens when you anger Pelor the Burning Hate...
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    Character planner app?

    Does anyone know of an app (or website, spreadsheet, etc) that lets you plan out a character's progression, for D&D 3.5e? I know there's a Pathfinder one for Android (Pathbuilder, in the Play store - I haven't tried it since I don't play PF), but haven't been able to find anything similar for...
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    D&D 5E The Cheapskate Index: An index to WotC's free PDFs

    I have compiled an index of all (non-UA) free 5e content from WotC. Documents indexed: Dungeon Master's Basic Rules Elemental Evil Player's Companion Hoard of the Dragon Queen Supplement Player's Basic Rules Princes of the Apocalypse Supplement Rise of Tiamat Supplement System Reference...