I am currently playing in campaigns of 4e DnD, Mechwarrior and Traveller. Have previously played 3.5 and 2e DnD, Vampire The Masquerade, D20 Modern, Mutants and Masterminds, A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying and Serenity. I have a number of other books like Call of Cthulu, Army of Darkness, and Shadowrun that I've never gotten to really use as various games fell through.

At the moment, in addition to my current games, I am ramping up to start the new year with a Dark Sun campaign. It will be my second time DM'ing 4e, and the first time doing so without running straight through the adventures. The group will be starting at level 1, and mostly consists of a group of known players, but we may look for one more to fill out the group.
Jul 2, 1983 (Age: 39)
Ottawa, ON