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  1. Warmaster Horus

    General Here's What A 5' Square Actually Looks Like

    American game, American rules. Besides, what was the last great song or piece of fiction that was entitled with a unit of the metric system - other than weight because that usually refers to elicit substances? The Who's "I Can See For Kilometers and Kilometers"? Ray Bradbury's classic...
  2. Warmaster Horus

    5E Deep Dive into Descent Into Avernus

    Twelve paragraphs are a 'deep dive'? I think 'brief overview' were the words you were looking for.
  3. Warmaster Horus

    5E I am thinking of eliminating reactions.

    Thanks for the warning.
  4. Warmaster Horus

    General Should a low level character know to burn a troll?

    Do you know that fire should be used to stop a troll from regenerating and kill it irrevocably? You do? And yet you don't even have trolls living in your world. What gives you the gall to think that intelligent races that have been dealing with trolls and other supernatural-types for the...
  5. Warmaster Horus

    General LET'S PLAY...D&D in Prison

    In California inmates can possess marijuana. In Wisconsin you can't play D&D in prison. Strange.
  6. Warmaster Horus

    5E Quick rules question on Dark Vision

    If you can read the info in a b&w pic you can read it with darkvision.
  7. Warmaster Horus

    General Science in D&D

    Nine times out of ten, the answer is Magic. It's the prime motivator of all existence in canonical D&D worlds. Trying to reconcile it with science is an impossible task.
  8. Warmaster Horus

    General Portrayal of D&D in Stranger Things 3 -some spoilers

    Speak for yourself. There were plenty of cos-play quality Halloween costumes back then.
  9. Warmaster Horus

    General Portrayal of D&D in Stranger Things 3 -some spoilers

    I loved the Inside Edition satanic panic lead-in!
  10. Warmaster Horus

    5E Why don't everything scale by proficiency bonus?

    I wasn't into gardening 20 years ago and I'm not into gardening today. My skill bonus hasn't changed for that skill. Not true for my core proficiencies, however.
  11. Warmaster Horus

    General Should Baldur's Gate 3 be turnbased or Real Time With Pause?

    Both. You could set the original BG to pause at the end of each character's round.
  12. Warmaster Horus

    General WotC's Secret Lore Book

    The entire premise here is that somehow Wizards controls the lore in my game. While that happens when I play/run AL, there's not a snowball's chance in Avernus of that being the case for my own game.
  13. Warmaster Horus

    Your most used accessories?

    I use these for character sheet holders along with a wet-erase pen. They're vertical sign holders (non free standing) made of clear, solid lexan. Keeps sheets clean and (more or less) immune to table spills.
  14. Warmaster Horus

    3E/3.5 5e: Is it really lower magic/less gonzo than 3e?

    By leaps and bound, yes. Magic is a pale shadow of what it was in 3e.
  15. Warmaster Horus

    Opening Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes

    I'm very happy with the book. The fluff stuff isn't bad, though I'm not as rigidly wedded to D&D lore as some are. But the monsters are really, really good. They all have excellent hooks for portrayal and how I might use them. Mechanically I'm also very impressed. Couldn't be happier.