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    Goodman games Barrier Peaks announced

    ...just got announced. Who's stoked? 5e barrier peaks would be great... especially paired w paizos iron gods and a remake of that old blackmoor module. https://mobile.twitter.com/crazy_newt/status/1105170855301136385
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    Pre-Campaign Handouts

    Usually when I start a campaign, I tell the players what the campaign's main thrust is, and then put together a huge document detailing every race and class, the deities, the setting history, new class options, a primer on all the locations, new backgrounds, and whatever else I can think of...
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    The People of the Pit

    Product information... View for more details
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    5E Five new players. 1st level PCs. First monster they meet is...

    So, running a game. Five of the six players have never played D&D before. They're all first level characters - I have no idea what yet, chargen is tomorrow. I want to get the game off to a good start. I have the dungeon set up so there's a monster to pass before entering the canyon...
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    5E 5e's new gender policy - is it attracting new players?

    One of my favourite things in 5e is the section on PC gender. I won't repeat the entire quote, because I don't have a PHB on me, but it amounts to "you can be male, female, transgender... and your sexuality doesn't matter. It's good. Be who you want to be". This is an awesome thing, and I...
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    3E/3.5 Comparison to 3.5e

    5e vs 3.5? 5e is ultimately simpler, but with a looser rules system. It requires more GM interpretation of the rules, and isn't as solidly written. This is a feature, not a bug, but some people don't see it that way. 5e is less mathsy across the board, with fewer buffs and the like...
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    UA Unearthed Arcana: Another New Ranger Variant

    I don't want to slog through a whole swatch of material, but I'm liking what amounts to a pretty strong first draft. The GOOD: 1. Ambuscade is great because it replicates the early D&D ranger's ability to avoid becoming surprised. And getting an extra turn on the first round of combat is...
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    1E What 1e Books Should Make a 5e Comeback?

    Oo! This is a great thread topic. Personally, though, the hardbacks of the 1e era are really the weak part of what made 1e D&D so great. For that, you need to look at all the amazing adventures - that's where the game's true strengths lie. But, going with just hardbacks, I have a few I'd...
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    5E Good place for 5 hex to 1" paper online?

    Hey all. Trying to find a place where I can print hex paper so I can map out a campaign site. The DMG recommends using hex paper sized at 5 hexes to 1", which makes a lot of sense. I've searched using the googles, and while I found a few, they wind up being more like 3 hexes to an inch, which...
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    5E Obligation to give new players a "Core" game?

    TL;DR - Does a GM have an obligation to provide a "generic" campaign setting to first-time players? My girlfriend and I live in a small town about an hour's drive from Victoria BC, which is where we game on our regular monday nights. I've been gaming with this group for years now, and this...
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    5E Player's Vote against Errata; GM dies of shock

    Talking to a player today about our campaign session. He's always been the most mechanically-minded player in the group, and we were talking about how he's not really "getting" his bard's "schtick". So, we talk about some of the things his bard will soon be able to do (5th level is just around...
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    5E Are monk's unarmed attacks weapon attacks?

    So, the party monk made the mistake of attuning to the intelligent +1 Short Sword of Vengeance. The rules say that "any attack made with a weapon besides the sword are at disadvantage". Does that mean that the monk's unarmed attacks are at disadvantage? They are listed on the weapon table...
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    5E Best DUNGEON modules, any edition, to convert to 5th?

    So, I run a campaign that is mostly centred around old modules from Dungeon magazine. We're about to end our current adventure, and head into Dwellers of the Forbidden City, but after that, it's open territory. I was wondering if anybody had recommendations for good adventures from Dungeon...
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    UA Crawford On Lots Of Stuff! Release Tempo, Video Games, OGL, Conventions, Unearthed Arcana, 2018, Tia

    Hm. Regarding the multiverse issue which seems to be the crux of this discussion: As a general rule, it's been a part of D&D for a long time. I think it really got ramped up around the time that RIFTS hit the market, and showed what a strong multiverse would do. For TSR, it meant that a...
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    4E Home Brew worlds: did you expand out from 4e's Nentir Vale map?

    Thanks. I just thought it'd be cool to have Tiefling Romans (I love ancient Rome, and have a whole shelf dedicated to the works of Polybius, Ovid, Cicero, and modern Roman authours like Adrian Goldworthy and -the best guy ever - Anthony Everitt. And the idea of Romans in the Pacific Northwest...