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Recent content by Wulf Ratbane

  1. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 5E 5e "raw" spell data?

    Tinkering with various caster builds, I quickly recognized I'd like a quick way to categorize spells-- school, class availability, cantrip or not, ritual or not, higher slots or not, type of save/attack roll, damage type, etc. 1) Does anything like this exist yet? If so, where? 2) If not...
  2. Wulf Ratbane

    Trailblazer Character Sheet 1

  3. Wulf Ratbane

    PATRONS of the MONSTROUS ARTS [Official Thread]

    Please use this thread for questions and discussions of the patronage project.
  4. Wulf Ratbane

    [Bad Axe Games] Patrons of the Monstrous Arts-- 3 days to go!

    Bad Axe Games is trying a little something different with the next release for our Trailblazer RPG. For our "monster manual" book, we've decided to put the fate of the art budget directly into the hands of the customers. Through the Kickstarter patronage site, we set out to raise $2000 for our...
  5. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 3E/3.5 Best Books for a DM to own? (3.5e)

    And way better spellcaster multiclassing. :D
  6. Wulf Ratbane

    [Patronage] Patrons of the Monstrous Arts

    The Patrons of the Monstrous Arts project will use a fantasy roleplaying “monster manual” as a test case for patronage funding of the publisher’s art budget: Dedicated fans make an early commitment to the work, specifically by funding the art budget to increase the number and quality of...
  7. Wulf Ratbane

    Patronage Project? For the Monster book?

    I'm intrigued by the patronage concept specifically as a way to raise funds for more artwork. In my own spin on the patronage concept, the project will go whether or not we hit the target budget-- I already have an art budget for Monsters, but we obviously won't be illustrating every single...
  8. Wulf Ratbane

    [SPELLS and MAGIC] Design Discussion

    Design Discussion Spells and Magic Spells Design Goals 1) Identify and fix all “problematic” spells a. Spells which do not allow for any random d20 roll mitigation i. No save, no attack roll, no SR b. Spells that intrude on the class features of other players i. knock vs. rogue ii. find traps...
  9. Wulf Ratbane

    [BAD AXE GAMES] TRAILBLAZER print version now available!

    The journey isn't over. . . It's just beginning. Bad Axe Games peels back the outer layers of the 3.5 rules and reveals the inner workings for all to see. Within this book, you'll find the keys to decoding the d20 rules and gain new insight into the mechanics of your game. Copious design notes...
  10. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 3E/3.5 Any good Homebrew Monk Variants? [3.5e]

    Only insofar as the rules provide details on how to avoid the negative consequences arising from such actions. The rules provide little guidance with respect to "stunting" as the term is generally understood-- that is, doing something crazy in combat to gain an advantage. In other words, given...
  11. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 3E/3.5 Any good Homebrew Monk Variants? [3.5e]

    When were they ever in the window?
  12. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 3E/3.5 Any good Homebrew Monk Variants? [3.5e]

    We didn't go quite that far but we did, in fact, greatly reduce the utility of skills in combat-- while at the same time giving almost everyone more skill points and making it easier to contribute in interesting ways out-of-combat. No class gets fewer than 4 skill points per level, there are no...
  13. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 3E/3.5 Any good Homebrew Monk Variants? [3.5e]

    That presumes that out-of-combat play is a "serious" part of your game. If out-of-combat play isn't terribly common, terribly difficult, or terribly consequential, then you don't have a serious problem. Success or failure on a skill check, or even a battery of skill checks, is not even close...
  14. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 3E/3.5 Any good Homebrew Monk Variants? [3.5e]

    Correct so far. Due primarily to legacy issues with backstabbing. In other words, the 1e "real world" considerations of backstabbing conflicted with the 3e design goals of backstabbing (rogue as damage dealer). They kept enough of the 1e restrictions that they crippled the 3e advances. Even...
  15. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 3E/3.5 Any good Homebrew Monk Variants? [3.5e]

    I was probably misled by the fact that rogues have a straight damage dealing ability as their primary class feature.