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    The Continuing Tales From The Old Bald One-Eyed Salty Red Dog Tavern!

    Well, it took almost a year from when he started, but Ranti has finally gotten the entire bar and all the patrons into a working remodel of a Rube Goldberg machine. He figures if he pushes the first marble the last function should finish in just 10 minutes and a reset should take no more than...
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    SF Anyone looking to create a Modern Weapons list that matches the new Starfinder Format?

    I know that I for one think these are better than D20 Modern rules for Modern style Magic/technology Campaigns. As such I would love to see what the community is doing to port these to a more Modern (or even Turn of the 20th Century) Steampunk/MagiPunk format....
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    SF Starfinder Preview Looks At The Mystic Class

    Mystic sounds like a great Force-Jedi....
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    Looking to find other gamers - Northern NJ (Paterson/Hawthorne Area)

    Greetings, I am looking to possibly start a Monthly game get together... I am willing to host and would be willing and looking to meet for coffee or such first to meet fellow gamers in the area. For a better understanding of what I am looking for... I play RPGs (almost any except White Wolf...
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    TSR Example from the worst TSR adventure module(s) ever published

    And we live on in an article... Raise Dead Thread!
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    Castle Ravenloft Board Game

    Anywhere in Northern NJ that people know where I can find a copy? Near Paramus preferred.... Would like to run it tonight...
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    TSR Example from the worst TSR adventure module(s) ever published

    Still hoping for a working link to the sister/daughter thread. % in lair 50
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    Top Secret SI

    So, at one point there was a rumor of WOTC releasing PDF files of this game... A few years later we still have nothing. I own 1-3 copies of each of the books, however time is doing its thing and causing severe separation anxiety for pages and binding... Does anyone know a good way to combat...
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    Adventuring Classes: A fist full of Denarii

    I received this as a promo for review purposes. (there, that out of the way...) To start, this is a book with 11 new* classes for Pathfinder and a handful of new feats and equipment. This book is not for everyone and is not for every campaign either. If you like the base classes from Pathfinder...
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    Ebook RPG Books

    I think that the industry should look into Ebook formatted RPG books. I have a Sony Reader and it would be greta if there was a PHB formatted for the 6' (or 5') screen...
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    4E 4E Character Sheet Generator (Excel)

    Please update???
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    Forum Previews

    Is there any plans to make the forum Previews available on the new front page? I hate having to refresh pages for 6-7 different forums to see what is new...
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    4E Fixing 4e

    All of your fixes seem to push it back to Basic D&D, might as well also make it so elf and such are classes? Or remove the option to do a lot of other things, like level above 10 or so? Remove hitpoints above 10th level? This seems like a case of feeding a troll.
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    4E A 4E Combat Encounter - Round by Round Descritpion

    Having played it (not this one exactly, but at D&D Experience) I can say that that combat probably took 6-10 minutes. In 3.5 that would have been 15-20 minutes.