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Recent content by Xaelvaen

  1. Xaelvaen

    D&D General How Did You Learn to Play?

    I was in a Comic Store and saw this really nifty box with a dragon on it sitting on an end-cap. I bought it, instead of comics that day back in 1989. I read the rules, took it to my cousin's house, and we began to play it. It eventually turned into this whole 'social hangout' thing, but...
  2. Xaelvaen

    D&D 5E New Statblocks for D&D's Kobolds

    This is a great analogy. A simple 'like' to this analogy did not suffice. Keep being awesome with analogies. That is all.
  3. Xaelvaen

    Best Superhero

    @Blue Wins the thread.
  4. Xaelvaen

    Best Superhero

    I have a confession as well; I watched the original X-men movies, the first Avengers movie, the first Iron Man Movie, and Black Panther. With great exception to the the very first X-men movie, and the latter movie (BP), I can't stand MCU movies as a whole (though the Deadpool movies made me...
  5. Xaelvaen

    Best Superhero

    Though he himself will attack me for calling him a Super Hero, he certainly fits into the generic genre - Deadpool (and I mean even before Ryan Reynolds made him 'cool'). The fourth-wall-breaking "Merc with a Mouth" has always been the only comic I could stomach reading for more than one issue...
  6. Xaelvaen

    The "I Didn't Comment in Another Thread" Thread

    There's a particular thread as of late (not naming names, as is the theme of this thread)... I just can't even. So much fury, fire, and passion. Keeping quiet. Letting it all die right here. (Fiery Bubble) <- Right there is where it shall forever stay.
  7. Xaelvaen

    D&D 5E WotC's Jeremy Crawford on D&D Races Going Forward

    At the very least, for those who don't wish to deal with the changes to races being approached by WoTC, you can choose to ignore it. If you still want the Good/Evil racial archetype in your games, it can still be done. If 5E has taught us nothing else, let it teach us this - it's still your...
  8. Xaelvaen

    Owen KC Stephens' Tabletop RPG Truths #2

    I can respect both sides of this issue, while respectfully disagreeing. I outright left the "ladder industry" when I felt the "need" to join the bar setting for personal gain, and went into small business for myself (and never looked back, once). In no way should an employee ever feel the need...
  9. Xaelvaen

    Owen KC Stephens' Tabletop RPG Truths #2

    The socializing without the specific atmosphere seems a step in the right direction, for many reasons. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. Xaelvaen

    How long does your TTRPG gaming sessions usually last?

    8pm to Midnight, every Monday and Tuesday Night. The group even arranged the same days off just to avoid inconveniences.
  11. Xaelvaen

    D&D 5E Why Are Ability Scores Necessary?

    Since Ability Scores in 5E are hard-capped at 20 (with very few exceptions) as a part of 'Bound Accuracy' and some such, eliminating them is pretty easy. We did take a poke at it in our 'House Rules Playground' last year I think? Maybe two years back. A player could choose a single descriptor...
  12. Xaelvaen

    Owen KC Stephens' Tabletop RPG Truths #2

    I feel like this is (almost) every "ladder industry" - did you have to eventually cave to it, or did you, despite the mentioned setback, manage to climb to the top whilst avoiding it? - @Owen K.C. Stephens
  13. Xaelvaen

    RPG Sales for Black Lives Matter

    Half the time, you never even know if those phone-bank charities are even scams these days. I've had the exact same voice call me from four or five different charities over two years. Thank you for the great discussion, despite any misunderstandings.
  14. Xaelvaen

    RPG Sales for Black Lives Matter

    Absolutely! EJI (as @Snarf Zagyg mentioned) is highly efficient with their spending. Equal Justice Initiative I like that they focus on righting the wrongs already present in our society, to boot. EDIT: I have another to add, sorry for the delay on it - had to break for lunch. I also...
  15. Xaelvaen

    RPG Sales for Black Lives Matter

    Yes, but if a corporation IS a charity, it is required to advertise itself as such. "Black Lives Matter, Inc" would have to say, somewhere on its page, that it is a 501(c) non-profit. So clearly, it is not a non-profit. That it uses a payment processor is part of the problem, because I find...