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If you want to contact me by e-mail or instant messenger, please send me a private message.

I use the pronouns "zie" and "zir". Silly? Yes. But it's less silly than saying "he or she or s/he" and "him or her" or switching between gender pronouns when I'm talking about the same undefined character.

I will play/run class and level based systems. As a GM I am not interested in "only one person can play each class". If you are the type to play any of the following types of characters, I am not interested in gaming with you: "Do what I say because I'm the Paladin", rogue who steals from the party, Paladin who attacks a necromancer simply for being a necromancer - beliefs about using corpses may vary, so-and-so is overshadowing my "niche". These are games about cooperation (usually) not spotlight hogging. At least that's my opinion.

That said, I prefer skill based systems, which I do realize can overwhelm some people with choices.
August 4
Saline, MI 48176