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    Most mispronounced monster names

    Yuan-ti = you on tee (or tea). Tarrasque is pronounced any of these ways: Godzilla with the serial numbers filed off TPK You're angered the DM Can you outrun a black hole?
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    Peasant Adventure! The City is Sinking (HARP Fantasy)

    I recently realized my game was not listed publicly on Roll20. Paid for a Plus membership, so now you should be able to find it on Roll20.
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    Peasant Adventure! The City is Sinking (HARP Fantasy)

    I posted on Roll20 today: Roll20
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    Peasant Adventure! The City is Sinking (HARP Fantasy)

    Well, I'd use Fantasy Grounds if I knew how to build off the CORE RPG set it comes with better.
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    Peasant Adventure! The City is Sinking (HARP Fantasy)

    I'm looking to run a peasant-themed adventure for 3-6 players, using the HARP Fantasy system and Roll20. As I don't have a consistent schedule, games will move around. Characters will start at level 1. You’ve finished your apprenticeships for your professions and are starting your own...
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    Is "A Wizard Did It" Acceptable Worldbuiling?

    Well if you add a certain fortune cookie game to “a wizard did it”. 🤪
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    Thinking about Paranoia without playing Paranoia is a thought crime. Thought crimes are treason. Please report to the nearest termination booth. Thank you and have a nice daycycle.
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    Old timers?

    Pretty sure I joined originally in 2000, under a different username.
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    Besides D&D, what are you playing?

    I'm at the point where I've decided D&D and by extension Pathfinder are their own genre and not really "generic fantasy RPG". Not saying I think that's good or bad, just saying I expect people to have certain expectations when it's one of those two.
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    Besides D&D, what are you playing?

    And some people go so far as to call every TTRPG "D&D", even when talking about a game that clearly isn't D&D even if it is being used for pseudo-medieval fantasy. I actually got annoyed with the GURPS group I was once part of when the GM called it D&D to explain it to people asking (we were...
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    Tools & Apps for online RPG conferencing

    One more vote to support pinning/stickying VTT as a hot topic.
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    Recommend A Virtual Tabletop (VTT)

    I’m thinking of either getting Fantasy Grounds’s Ultra Pass or buying Tabletop Simulator.
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    When Pandemic Isn't Just a Game

    I work retail. Some customers are not maintaining appropriate social distance. I understand this is some cultures' "normal". Problem is, we're in a pandemic: stay away from people unless you absolutely need to be near them.
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    Pandemic: How will you continue to enjoy your hobbies?

    Well, I lost track of my Roll20 password, but Tabletop Simulator is an option. Yeah, also lost track of my Fantasy Grounds password.
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    What game mechanics when introduced were absolutely hated?

    "T-shirts! Get your edition war T-shirts here! T-shirts!"