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Seas of Zeitgeist 5e 0.8

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The main changes:
  1. Lowered the crew requirements for some ship attacks. This dropped attack bonuses by 1 in some cases as the gun batteries were now "smaller". This also brought the crew requirements back in line with the original Seas of Zeitgeist crew requirements by weapon battery size. This fits back into the original system better.
  2. Adjusted crew damage so that smaller ships lose fewer crew in a strike than larger ships. This helps make sure that the smaller ships can take a strike or two before they run low on crew for running the ship and manning the guns.
  3. Lowered the total complement for the schooner and steamship to bring them in line with the Admiral of the high seas supplement.
  4. Dropped the Inevitable and Audacious to a single prow cannon each, so that the one crew member isn't trying to reload two cannons in a minute. It doesn't change any of the stats of the ships.
The frigate's cannon attack is back to its original crew requirement, and the Impossible was raised from 22 to 30 (although still less than its original 40.

The Audacious was given a smaller cannon size to provide some separation between it and the Inevitable, whose text says it has bigger guns than the Audacious.

I did not spell it out in the supplement, but I envisioned the following cannon sizes:
Small: 4-pound cannon; 1 crew per cannon
Light: 8-pound cannon; 2 crew per cannon
Heavy: 12-pound cannon; 3 crew per cannon
Full: 24-pound cannon; 6 crew per cannon

Essentially, a cannon needs 1 crew per 4 pounds of its shot. I rounded up a bit on the big ships as overhead, and the steamships need a few extra to turn the turret.

In real life, this would be too few crew to fire every two minutes, but I felt it fit best within the system. It leaves space for the crew running the ship, and the officers, with a few spare crew to man the guns if the ship takes a few hits; unless your a using a cutter. One strike on a cutter, and the captain is going to have to start juggling crew.

Beam was missing from the steam cutters.