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Release đźŽ˛This Week's Fantasy GroundsNew Releases, Sales, & NewsMarch 11-17, 2024

Fantasy Grounds

SmiteWorks USA LLC.

New Releases
from Devin Night

Massive collections of digital tokens for virtual gameplay.

204: Seas of Sand
205: Spirits and Summons
211: Dwarves
212: WOTW Survivors 6
213: Sci-fi Characters 3
214: Alien Creatures


New Release
D&D Classics: Wilderness Survival Guide (1E)
Wizards of the Coast

Rules for adventuring in the outdoors. Opportunities and challenges await characters brave enough and hardy enough to take on the biggest "monster" of all - the wilderness!

WOTC 02.jpg

New Release
Panovo Player's Primer
Panovo Publishing

Welcome to Panovo! A mythical world where the wilderness is dangerous but profitable. Your destiny awaits!

Panovo Player's Primer for Fantasy Grounds

INDIE 01.jpg

New Releases
from Modiphius Entertainment Ltd.

Dune: Kernels Of Doubt

Plots within plots continue to unravel until the truth or a vindictive lie is recorded in the annals of the Landsraad.

Dune - Adventures in the Imperium: Agents of Dune

Your House is to become the new governor of Arrakis in an alternate "What if?" scenario, where you must ensure the supply of the vital spice melange to the Known Universe.




Fantasy Grounds Game Day
Saturday, March 16th

Try out new rulesets, Adventurers League, Paizo Organized Play, and Fantasy Grounds.

Games are free to play utilizing the Fantasy Grounds VTT. Having the free Demo version downloaded and updated before the event starts is a requirement to participate. You can find it on Steam or download it directly from SmiteWorks here:
Fantasy Grounds

Sign-up on Warhorn:

FG Game Day March 16 DnD.png

🎲Fantasy Grounds Friday
with Host Bryce Mousseau
and Special Guest Gwydion

Friday, March 15th at 2 pm Eastern,
Streaming on Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Steam, & Facebook.

fgf mar 15 2024.png
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