Free 1 week only: Free encounter with all the extras

Hi all. We just released "Tread on Me," a fey encounter that you can plug into any forest adventure.

You'll encounter Cedric, an Arcanowright (a new class that combines skills and magic, a different approach to artificers without the WotC trademark!), who appears to have a snake-like lower body. But Cedric's lower half is actually a clockwork mobility device, and accesspunk pneumatics generates the snake-like hissing sound you hear. The adventure kicks off with the party witnessing what seems like a giant cobra entering a cabin, followed by a scream. What's really going on here? Follow the butterflies!

What's Included:
  • 2 4K maps in multiple grid options
  • A free downloadable STL of a 🐰Bunnerfly🦋
  • 4 new creature stat blocks with VTT tokens
  • 2 new magic accessibility items
Limited-Time Offer: Download for 1 Week Only!

This adventure and all its fantastic extras are available for download for just one week. So, don't miss out!

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