11 Times 'The Hobbit' Is Just Like a Game of 'Dungeons & Dragons'

This article over at Zimbio lists 11 things The Hobbit which makes it just like a D&D game. From Bard's critical hit to Bilbo's clear leveling up, the article takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the movie. "Like some massive battle mapped out on graph paper and playmats, The Battle of the Five Armies feels like the cinematic interpretation of a really great Dungeons & Dragons campaign." Spoilers follow.

  1. Bard's natural 20
  2. Erebor in ruins as the ultimate campaign setting
  3. The dwarves and the loot they get from the dragon
  4. Everyone's alignments
  5. Galadriel turning undead
  6. Killing 100 orcs like they were minions
  7. Legolas' amazing saving throws
  8. Bilbo leveling up and gaining level-appropriate gear
  9. The "boss" battle
  10. Your character dies!

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Lord Rasputin

13) Old School: In the second film, the party was smart enough to know that taking Smaug head-on was impossible, so it did everything but a frontal assault. The GM was so impressed that he let Smaug fly away in disgust instead of turning them into dwarf-kabobs.

15. Character creation results in one DM PC, thirteen powergamers who all chose the same options, and one roleplayer with an underpowered character for which the DM must find ways to compensate.


18. It takes practically forever to convince at least one member of the party that the hook presented actually leads to the adventure.


Not your screen monkey (he/him)
19. That player, who always keeps playing the same elven archer character, showed up. Yep, played same character.

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