16 Free Maps Courtesy of the RPG SUPERSTAR Top 16

Paizo has just announced the RPG Superstar Top 16 for 2015! Contestants were tasked to create a map, which means you get 16 awesome maps you can use in your home games. I've listed them all below (along with their entries for the previous round, which was to design a wondrous item). Their next task will be to design a monster and statblock, which will whittle them down to a Top 8 on February 10th. I've posted my favourite below, but click through to choose your own!

Gabriel Almer
Round 2 Caverns of Steam, Near Dwimovel (Darklands, Sekamina)
Round 1 Staff of the Prime Mover

Charlie Bell
Round 2 Smokemount Hold
Round 1 Crook of Unseen Forces

Russ Brown
Round 2 Lost Water Gardens of Jalmeray
Round 1 Ice Fang

Brian Fruzen
Round 2 Salvation's End
Round 1 Pyrolastic Spike

Jeff Heikkinen
Round 2 Inside the Glacier
Round 1 Flowing Fortress Armour

David Higaki
Round 2 The Gravepit Basin of Fallen Sercai
Round 1 Earthcracker

Dana Huber
Round 2 Elven Guardpost on the Tanglebriar Border
Round 1 Ophidian Coil

Ben Iglauer
Round 2 The Haunted Dinosaur Graveyard of Mediogalti Island
Round 1 Fool's Scepter

Jason Keeley
Round 2 Leviathan's End
Round 1 Rod of Exorcism

Scott LaBarge
Round 2 Shadde-Quah Shoanti Cliff Dwelling. Calphiak Mountains
Round 1 Keyhole Stiletto

Monica Marlowe
Round 2 Firebrand's Redoubt: Stronghold of Lady Delbera Axebringer
Round 1 Spectre Blight

Kalervo Oikarinen
Round 2 Ancient Cyclops Stronghold in the Icerime Peaks
Round 1 Fate-binder

Anthony Pennington
Round 2 The Fancy Reefclaw Brewery
Round 1 Depth Charger

R Pickard
Round 2 Town of Griffon Falls
Round 1 Harvestweal

Chris Shaeffer
Round 2 Treant's Crossing
Round 1 Hide of the Vibrant Frog

Christopher Wasko
Round 2 The Drowning Temple
Round 1 Windstrider Mail



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Thanks, as one of the top 16 and someone who used to be on EN World quite a bit (still drop by sometimes), I appreciate you bringing a bit more attention to the contest.

Bit late to the party, though - all of the top 32 had our maps up for the previous week, before the top 16 were announced! Some of the ones that got cut were quite good as well. You can still get all 32, maps but only by going to the individual threads in the top 32 forum.

In any case, drop by, comment, critique and above all VOTE! I, along with the rest of the top 16, have until Friday to turn in a monster, and those get revealed next week, so next Tuesday we'll be giving you 16 new monsters as well!

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