2000AD [2000AD] Do anti-vehicle weapons work against robots?


Hi there,
I am preparing Robot Wars right now and the two scene against the Heavy Metal Kids makes me wonder: Would the cyclops laser of the Lawmaster (with the newly introduced keyword "anti-vehicle") also deal the extra damage against giant robots (or robots and inanimate objects in general)?

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Well, that was fun
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Not as written they don’t, no. Hi-Ex rounds and electricity damage are the best ways to fight robots.

Andrew Dixon

Might it be because almost all Anti-Vehicle weapons [with the exception of a Lazooka ] are also Beam?
Beams penetrate further into the vehicle [which are often bigger, giving them more opportunity to strike critical components [in game terms do more damage to the vehicle]

Where as Hi-Ex is a Burst [wider surface area affected] and a Beam might just punch straight through a robots body [like a thru an thru from a bullet - which is very survivable if hit in an limb].

my players also ask if a robot is a vehicle, always looking for more damage :)

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