[2000AD] How would you build up a witness protection escort mission?


Hi there,
I am planning an adventure in which the Jugdes have to escort a key witness to a secured Judge base in the wastelands. The witness is important for a bigger investigation against two companies. To spice things up, they have to drive the whole way through the territory of the Angel Gang to keep a low profile instead of taking the direct way.

What kind of scenes/encounters could happen on the way, which needs the abilites of all four Judge branches?

Thanks in advance


I'm not familiar with 2000AD or Judge abilities, but here are some cliché events to deal with:

- Somebody shoots at the car with a pistol
- Somebody shoots at the car with a bazooka
- Somebody shoots a dart at the tires, to give the car a flat and make it stop. (Best in a city so the ambushers can come thundering around the corner.)
- Plant bomb under car before trip begins
- Minefield or single IED along deserted stretch of road
- "Motorcycle gang" drives by but does not bother car; this is a look-see mission to make sure this IS the car they want.
- Message warning of ambush arrives just as group gets into car and starts moving
- Does the car have an escort of other vehicles? The parade draws attention that the car alone would not.
- The PCs get to drive ahead and check the road for mines &c before the car comes by
- This is all a decoy and the real witness is going somewhere else
- Old wrecked vehicle is site of an ambush - especially if vehicle is a bus or truck that can be reinforced on the inside
- Stop for dinner and somebody - roll randomly - gets food poisoning. Obviously aimed at the witness
- Stop for dinner and somebody - roll randomly - gets food poisoning. The cook really is that bad at his job.
- PCs find a pistol taped under toilet in restaurant (homage to a scene in The Godfather)
- The witness finds a pistol taped under toilet in restaurant. How cooperative is (s)he, really?
- Local petty criminals 'mark' the group and put out word. Now the usual chatter and activity and stuff you want to blend into to hide, is just gone.
- Car breaks down because nobody took it in for 25,000-mile preventative maintenance
- Car is sabotaged to break down in the middle of nowhere. Dehydration in the desert kills the witness just as dead as bullets.
- Car is sabotaged to break down swiftly because the local car theft ring wants to put it through their chop shop.
- Staying at a cheap motel for the night? Oops, it is where the local petty criminals stay, too; poor fieldwork.
- The Cat's Meow is down the block from your hotel, and somebody sniffs out that you have money / supplies / influence.