[2000AD] Need help with an One Shot I will run at friday


Hi there,
at friday I will host an One Shot of Judge Dredd. The players are system- or TTRPG-newbies, so I decided to simplify the adventure so that the players can concentrate more on the rules than the story.

I am planning three scenes which fit into the trope "Beat Cop Work". The first scene is a supermarket occupied by a street gang (its a modified version of the Shadowrun 4E module "Food Fight"), the second one is a chase scene with bank robbers. Now I need something for the third scene, preferably something in which the PCs need social skills.

Thanks in advance


Well, that was fun
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Are the PCs Judges, Perps, or Civilians? And are they using the same characters for all three scenes or are these separate things?


A hostage situation could make for a tense 'social' encounter?
For normal cops it would work, but Judges tend to be more trigger-happy to solve this: https://youtu.be/B4CrE6IwlLg?t=208

Maybe something like two rival groups (civilians) are about to start a mass brawl and the Judges try to cool down the situation. I diged out the Resolve rules from the EONS magazines. Could these rules help for this scene?

Edit: How could I measure when the mood of the civilians changes to combat?
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